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Discussion items


Tech Debt list in Jira
  • Discuss the Jira project Zak created based on our spreadsheet. 

    T Key Summary Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Created Updated Due

I prioritized the six issues we brought to the PC in June as P1. Other hi/mid/lo issues I prioritized as P2/P3/P4 respectively.The “NFR Area” labels are applied as labels with atd-prefix, considered assigning issues to their TC Champions but figured maybe we should discuss that first.

Discussed details of WCAG item (there is ticket from wcag and for keyword only-support - blocked by Khalilah Gambrell  for Marko to add documentation; plan for moving toward compliance, and good faith effort...)

Discussed process and priority.  Action item for next week -  decide what priorities for Q4. Discussed need to elevate performance issues (talked about need for coherent plan, separate environment, consistent dataset, reliable metric collection. The "4 second checkin" at Chalmers - performance needs to be solid and dependable.

Also Mark Vekslertook action to develop a template for common DoD (definition of done) items.

Action items