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Discussion items

5 minUpdate on DoD

Continuing to discover things that might be added to DoD - one of which is managing version changes that might break other modules. Live examples relating to RMB, MARCcat and Stripes were discussed. These discussions may make their way to the Tech Council for decisions on policies (including a policy for dependency updates). Plan to add to the agenda for next week (30-Oct). Mark Vekslerand Jakub Skoczento coordinate attendance/topic.

 10 min FOLIO Hosting budget

 Quick update on some of the discussions and numbers. Set meeting time for specific group ( Mike Gorrell Peter Murray Jakub Skoczen Tod Olson Mark Veksler ) - 

45 minFOLIO Tech DebtTC

Discuss Tech Debt in prep for presentation to Product Council tomorrow (10/24). 

Key Summary T Created Updated Due Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution