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Discussion items

30 min?Dependency issues around RMB updates 
  • Teams have expressed concern over some changes in RMB and how their dependencies were accounted for. Discussion on issues and options.
  • Link to Doc: Teams' Proposal: RMB Updates

Discussion centered on dependencies and issues related to warnings of future deprecation of functionality in Vert.x which is part of RMB.

We should strive to provide good visibility into the roadmap and planned efforts of things like RMB which are so important in FOLIO.  Note that #raml-module-builder slack channel wasn't recognized/known by many who were asking these questions. Also noted that most RMB work is reactive (responding to performance or other late-breaking functionality requests) so the concept of a "roadmap" may not represent most activity.

As a project we should have a dependency upgrade policy or guidelines which we don't have today.

 30 minSecurity Policy 

 FOLIO Security Policies and Processes draft presentation.

  1. Need to review/approve by TC - comments/questions due 12/4
  2. Need a web presence
  3. Need to establish safe harbor policy
  4. Need to establish support policy (includes what versions are supported as well as how we'll determine whether to backport security issues).