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WOLFcon SessionsTC

Review plan for sessions:

  • Thursday Jan 23, 9:30am: Development Communications Channels/Methods Best Practices (Zak_Burke  facilitating) 
  • Thursday Jan 23, 2:00pm: Release Management Post Go-Live - Part 1 (facilitator Mark Veksler) - and potentially Part 2 (no TC Facilitator? at 3:30pm? NOTE - Hopefully moving to Part 1 at 11:00 and Part 2 at 2:00.
    • As institutions begin to go live on FOLIO we need to discuss how we will approach release management. Issues range from whether we schedule regular releases (i.e. quarterly) to how we make patches available, how testing is coordinated, who is responsible for said testing, whether modules will be certified, how many versions will be officially supported, etc. The list is long.
  • Thursday Jan 23, 3:30pm: Architectural Blueprint 2020 (Vince Bareau facilitating)
  • Friday Jan 24, 8:30am: Tech Debt Discussion with PC (Mike Gorrell facilitating)
  • Friday Jan 24, 9:30am: Continuation of the Architectural Blueprint discussion instead of Open Forum on Technical Governance (facilitator TBD)