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Discussion items

15 min"Scratch" Environments for Dev Teams

Update TC on the discussions and plans related to creating Scratch Environments for Development teams.

  • Discussions and Plans
    • GOAL: to be up and running in Q3 by all teams 

      May 18th - June 5: Preparation of Rancher/K8s; handover to a pilot team on June 5th

      June 8 - June 19th: pilot with a team (Folijet - adding a DevOps person to insulate team from schedule impact)

      June 22 - July 3: sprint to fix bugs, refine, implement improvements

      July 6 - July 17th: final changes + Prepare for roll out to other teams

  • Writeup of potential approach

Question from Tod - do/will we have any metrics that demonstrate the value we get for these environments (time saved and/or increase in quality). Most direct impact will be in DevOps resources. Hard to point at any statistics for concrete differences. (Stephen draws analogy to the Andon Cord).

15 minUpgrades with Reference Data

Discuss the SysOps topic: Upgrades with Reference data - which was the result of this post.

Based on TC's discussion:

  • Understand exactly what the failure/impact/problem is (SysOps - by 3-June-2020)
  • Need examples for each "Data layer" in the proposal above (SysOps - by 3-June-2020)
  • Need to evaluate the upgrade process wrt reference data (TBD who)
  • Need to understand/assess the cost/size of making this change (TBD who)
  • From there we might be able to determine next steps (TC)

 0 minTexas A&M Volunteering DevOps assistance A&M has agreed to donate 50% of a DevOps resource (mostly Jason Root) to assist with Release Management activities between June 8th and July 3rd. This is extremely appreciated .