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Discussion items

45 MinUpgrades with Reference Data

Hear presentation, review discussion and recommendations on this page:

Upgrades with Reference data


  • Drew potential comparisons to Linux -but that only goes so far 
  • Are there dependencies on "labels" as well as (or opposed to) UUIDs for some data (like a status or an identifier type) - we think both are likely
  • Need to preserve the idea that some values need to be immutable
  • Major point is that the difference between data that can be modified and that which should not is not clear.
  • Agreement that there is an architectural challenge
  • Definitely user facing challenge as well (it's easy to get conflicts with data that comes with the system).
  • Design problem in that data defined in one module is required for operation of another module.
  • ACTION: At practical level, useful to have examples of successful upgrades vs. failed upgrades
    • Help us identify near-term practical actions as distinct from long-term strategy.
  • Need distinction between data in a data set that is provided by the system vs added to or modified by tenants
    • Have some examples of crude solutions this in some places, not consistent
    • Possible to store system data in separate place, present unified view, or resolve issues after upgrade process, before opening to users
    • Integrity issue when required value goes away.
    • What happens when you introduce a new required value?
  • ACTION: need to catalog the types of reference data so we know what we're working with
  • Need further discussion. 
 15 MinHow to get new/different things added to CI/CD Pipeline  TC

Discuss timing and process of this request to have a "Go" language module added to the FOLIO CI/CD pipeline:  FOLIO-2627 - Getting issue details... STATUS


1) What's the process: Can't decide today. Need to consider later. Mike G will reach out to others outside of the meeting.

  • Both for new modules as well as new technology (languages, frameworks, databases, etc.)

2) Should we ask people to accommodate in Goldenrod timeframe? Consensus is NO.