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Discussion items


 TC governance/organization

Newly elected TC members will takes effect today, July 14


  • Does the meeting time still work for everyone?
    • Yes, we will keep the same time.
    • Note: current TC documents say meet every other week or as needed, but we have had a lot of business. Need to update the documents?
  • Decide who has 1-year, 2-year terms.
    • Zak, Jeremy, Mark D. have volunteered for 1-year terms
    • Will need total of 5 to have 1-year terms
    • Will revisit in October
  • TC self-governance... 
    • Who will be the convener?  Rotating responsibility? Full set of officers? etc.
      • Split responsibilities:
        • Chair/convener: set agenda, act at whip to move conversation towards goal
        • Scribe/note taker (could rotate?): Zak_Burke for next week, will rotate by surname
        • Liaison to PC: Tod Olson
      • Should be clear on the goals of agenda items:
        • Does this item require a decision?
        • Is this item just discussion?
    • Need to list the specific responsibilities:
      • See Tech Council Charter
      • what is the business of the TC and what does the TC need to do to conduct that business and have a suitable record?
  • What does the decision making process look like?  Voting?  Lazy Consensus?  Something else?
    • Get something agreed to and written down (on the wiki)
    • Decision making:
      • Default to lazy consensus, with ability to escalate to a vote
        • voting member or non-voting guests can call for a vote
        • Votes will be by Yes/No (or +/-) in Zoom chat
        • Process:
          • Call for vote
          • Call for (additional) discussion
          • Vote
      • Any decision requires a quorum
      • Decisions must be recorded, and decisions decided by vote
        • Decisions made by lazy consensus may be challenged/called for vote by a TC member who was absent
      • It is possible to informally poll all present
    • Quorum: at least half (6) of elected TC members
    • Meetings are recorded and stored in Technical Council > Recordings folder in Google Drive
  • Review relationship with PC and CC, see FOLIO Governance Model

Action items

  • Zak_Burke: create wiki page for October meeting where we finalize 1-year terms
  • Tod Olson : set up document to track the terms