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Discussion items

5 minReview outstanding action itemsAll

Tech Council Charter review. Those deliverables are substantial, and probably need to be (a) revisited and (b) better surfaced within the larger FOLIO community.

  • WOLFCon 2020 notes: FOLIO Architectural Blueprint; Subsequent TC Folio Architectural Blueprint Strategic Changes. Roadmap vs blueprint overlap? 
    • we should add this to a future TC agenda 
  • Define what constitutes Platform vs LSP Base vs Extended Apps on an ongoing basis
    • we need vocabulary to usefully distinguish among these things. There are some strong feelings in the community that may not be aligned here. It may be helpful for the TC to offer a proposal to the CC. 
    • How to manage external contributions? What if they don't come with ongoing resources for maintenance? Long-term support from/by the community is a real issue. We want to add features, but that isn't free.
    • Ian Walls :
      • "Platform" is what you have  to stand up in order to build anything on top of that
      • "LSP" is officially supported stuff by the FOLIO community: this may be a decision by the PC/CC
      • "Extended apps": unsupported, locally developed, etc
  • Continue this discussion next week with a focus on linking documentation to those deliverables to increase their visibility within the community.
10 minUniversity of Dubuque's interest in helping with SSO work

We got an email (see below) from a librarian at University of Dubuque expressing interest in helping FOLIO with SSO/SAML.  We should discuss and send a response to him.

Here's the email: 

Good afternoon,

At the University of Dubuque, we’re currently using OCLC’s Worldshare Management System software for our cataloging and library operations platform. However, we’ve followed the launch and development progress of FOLIO since it was announced and continues to hit milestones of progress. In looking through the documentation on the wiki, I noticed that the Technical Council is looking for someone with a variety of skill-sets that I might be able to provide.

Here at the University of Dubuque, I worked to develop an SSO in-house to replace our EZ-Proxy login system. While we developed the systems, simpleSAMLphp, and deployed it successfully, linking the platform with the university ADFS installation, ultimately we pivoted away from the project due to a contact being signed by our IT department with a separate company, vendors not understanding the process of SAML protocol, and unwilling to support the program, even after conversations and meetings describing the protocol already being used in largely available programs such as Shibboleth.

I would love to know more about how I might provide any support, additional documentation, or anything that might assist in the progress for FOLIO.

Thank you,

Joseph Letriz

Electronic Systems Librarian

Charles C. Myers Library

University of Dubuque

(563) 589-3216

Zak_Burketo connect Joseph Letriz, Core platform PO (Jakub Skoczen )/Tech lead (Adam Dickmeiss ), and Axel Dörrer . See notes from 2021-06-16 Meeting Notes and follow up on 2021-06-23 Meeting Notes. Get these folks together see if we can nail down a problem statement/scope-of-work. We need this SOW in order to get project resources allocated; get clarity from Joseph on exactly what is/not being offered. 

:sob: Mark is leaving Duke; Chulin Meng from Lehigh will replace him on the TC. 

Action items