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Java 17 RFC


  • Do we need subgroup, or just go on to public review phase?
    • Craig McNally We don't have much of a middle ground between TC discussion vs. RFC, except AD.  Should capture decision in the log.  Do we have to loop in others?
    • Jeremy Huff How would we apply to existing modules?
    • Maccabee Levine Let's just to the RFC process "swiftly".  Get to public review immediately.
    • Craig McNally Useful exercise to see how that works?
    • Jeremy Huff We already had lazy consensus on Preliminary Review on Wednesday.  Public Review does need time for input.
    • Craig McNally We've rarely/never? done the "Post Review" process of helping us improve the process.
    • Jeremy Huff Grace period needed?  Subgroup maybe needed to hammer out those details.  Better for culture of project.
      • Julian Ladisch Backend modules are separate, so individual modules could still work as J11.  Teams can share any difficulties during Public Review.
      • Craig McNally Give it maybe a week?
      • Consensus yes, one week.  Keep to our own deadline.
  • Jeremy Huff will lead subgroup and get it wrapped up quickly.  Julian Ladisch and Craig McNally participating.
    • Team will add comments to the PR.  Jeremy Huff will also set up a chat.
  • Deliverables: 
    • Work with the submitter of the Java 17 RFC to refine and provide feedback.

Action Items