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Discussion items

1 minScribeAll

Raman Auramau followed by Jenn Colt , then Florian Gleixner 

10 minutes maxTCR Board Review


nothing new

5 minCC / PC Updates
  • updates from CC:
    • How did the budget surplus conversation go?
    • went well. following up with PC on overlapping proposals related to the potential development/product positions. Innovation grant and security audit also got interest.
    • CC is going to provide more direction but we are proceeding on work with for the dev advocate and PO role proposals with PC in the meantime
  • updates from the PC:
    • no meeting last week
    • PC meeting on June 1 will be about Data Import and actions EBSCO is organizing to address issues.
1 minElectionsAll
  • Voting window is open
1 minWOLFcon planning
  • Call out for ideas for WOLFcon sessions out.
5-10 min

Technical Council Sub Groups Updates


Breaking changes
  • trying to get some more attention on the RFC, cast a wider net to get comments
  • Looking for feedback on how breaking communications will be communicated, right now they have spent a ton of time on that aspect. Considering wrapping up and moving the comms piece to phase 2 with a second group.

Improvement on TCR process:

  • working on libraries and plug ins. don't want to upend previous work so looking for low impact way to provide most guidance they can on those topics without being distruptive
  • need to update the presentation to include those and then give the presentation ASAP
  • then pass off further work to next iteration of the group
  • hoping to show presentation updates to the group tomorrow so likely back to TC next week and then wider community

Java 17

  • What's blocking it? Time/capacity now, but anticipating capacity increase

Distributed configuration

  • wiki started, info added, no next meeting scheduled yet
  • might be a monday meeting?
  • Mike Taylor was working on rewording deprecation statement
  • working on docs for group members to preread so they can be prepared for the meeting

5-10 minRFCsAll
  • Kafka topics RFC:
    • Update from Monday's meeting
    • Monday meeting helped, Julian said his comments can be resolved, and they have been
    • Moved forward to final review without objections
  • Cleanup effort required:
    • filename prefix - all RFCs currently use 0000- defeating the purpose
    • conflicting process documentation between the wiki and github...
    • renaming can be done by RFC submitters, leave comments on the RFCs that still need it
    • Jenn will take on the documentation clean up
5-10 minOfficially Supported Technologies - UpkeepAll
  • Craig McNally successfully locked down the pages so that only TC members can edit
  • Craig McNally will roll out the headers to the remaining pages


  • Review the status of this effort
  • Review the page status enumeration from the perspective of how/when/which modules are affected
  • Lock down is done, headers are there and now labels are added so things are appearing as they should be! Good progress.
  • Does "accepting" imply once and done or can things circle back through the statuses? How do we expect the statuses to drive what we are going to do? What process ties the statuses together?
  • It would be helpful to have a workflow diagram (like what JIRA has) about how the statuses transition from one to another. Need something written down.
    • As far as new modules, trying to show only the active one applies to a module being released right now
  • Some process is needed because of impact on scope. Impact can be at product level because of scope but the knowledge is at the dev level.
  • RFC too heavyweight for these decisions
    • Due diligence/communication to not surprise people
    • Who needs to be told? PO meeting and they communicate back
  • Bring to a monday meeting
  • ADRs might be a good solution
  • Should move Poppy to active, need to get Quesnalia up soon
5-10 min

Browser support

  • Zak_Burke more time is needed to collect support from the community


  • Update on where this stands?
5 minUpcoming meetings
  • is a holiday for many - TC dedicated topic discussion has been cancelled
  • will be used to discuss the security concerns around consortia / cross-tenant support, relaxing the tenant check
  • topic TBD
  • is an EBSCO holiday - what about others?

Topic Backlog

*reminder*Terminology DocumentAll
  • Craig McNally the term "platform" is something that we wanted to revisit but the terminology document otherwise has been accepted by the three councils
  • Craig McNally what is the urgency on this?
  • Jenn Colt has been talking with Marc Johnson on Slack and was thinking that could be part of a larger conversation about architecture
  • Marc Johnson is okay leading this conversation and rolling it into the Architecture discussion,  we could use platform as the first topic on the Architecture sub-group

Action Items