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Please follow the steps documented below to make the decision review process as easy as possible for everyone (contributors, approvers and stakeholders) involved.

  1. Before beginning the Decision Record Review,  please collect the information the reviewers will look for in a decision record. Refer to the Decision Record Template for more details. 
  2. Once you have the relevant information, make a copy of the  Decision Record Template under Decision Log
  3. Edit the new page and provide a unique Decision Record ID (Format DR-nnnnnn)
  4. Add the mandatory tag "decision-record" to the page (helps to include the decision record to the consolidated list)
  5. Ensure that the following fields are filled in. Remaining fields can be filled in/edited as needed during the review process
    1. Status - MUST be DRAFT
    2. Submitted Date
    3. Contributors
    4. Background/Context
    5. Rationale
    6. Decision
    7. Implications
  6. Contact any one of the TC members to get the DR on the agenda for review in one of the upcoming TC's weekly meetings
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