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  • React ^17.0.2
  • Stripes ^7.1.0

Build tools

Unit test stack

  • Jest ^26.6.3
  • RTL ^12.1.2

End-to-end test stack

  • Cypress ^9.1.1




Build tools

  • Maven 3.8 or later
  • JDK 17
  • Docker
  • Gradle

Unit test stack / Build-time integration test stack

  • JUnit 4 or 5
  • rest-assured 
  • testcontainers 

Integration test stack

  • karate 
  • cucumber-reporting


Support period

Technology versions must support the full Poppy support period that ends around March 2024: Puppy will be released around August 2023 and will be supported until Rocket gets released around March 2024 (based upon assumption that future releases will follow a similar cadence to previous releases), see FOLIO support policy.

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  1. Needs to be updated following Poppy release