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Distributed vs Centralized Configuration
  • An RFC (and eventual DR) 

Details TBD





Communicating Breaking Changes


  • Defining the mechanisms for communicating breaking changes when they occur.
  • Educating/communicating to developers what constitutes a breaking change (beyond sharing the DR)
  • Meet with representatives from dev teams to review what a breaking change is, and what to do when they happen. (or video, etc.) 
  • We still need somebody who would take the helm this group. Ankita Sen volunteers to organize it.
  • Contact Ankita if you want to participate.


Translation/Multilingual Support Subgroup
  • Engage with the community on existing solutions
  • Define functional and non-functional requirements for multi-lingual translation
  • Shepherd one or more RFC
  • Backend/Reference data translations (not only in the UI)
  • An Outcome of WolfCon. A group still needs to be formed.
  • A proper conversation needs to be set up. We will address this offline in Slack. 
  • Not just a TC conversation. Also, CC & PC.


Need a volunteer

TCR Process Improvements

Another iteration of TCR process improvements

  • Consider the items listed in recent TCRs under "TCR Process Improvements".
  • Consider other feedback provided by recent TCR submitters.
  • Consider process issues raised at TC meetings (hopefully in the minutes) during our recent TCR discussions.  This would include "meta-process" issues such as communication around the TCR process, timing issues, interaction with the RFC process, etc.
    • Scope includes the deeper issues raised during recent TCRs about the effectiveness of the current process, criteria for failure, etc.




1 hour meeting every week; 1 hours/week outside meeting

Jenn Colt 

Craig McNally (part time)

Tod Olson (part time)

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  1. Mike Gorrell Steffen Köhler Guys, FOLIO Security Team has discussed that it's important to establish a security upgrade support process for FOLIO and this is likely related to the LTS topic for which a working group is being formed. Would you like to engage with the FOLIO Security Team on this, e.g involve some Sec Team members in the working group?