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Target End Date

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Expected EffortOwnerMembersMeeting Time / LocationWiki
Translations Subgroup

Describe an approach for back-end modules to handle translation of runtime values, i.e. values attached to UUIDs and persisted in storage. This may include evaluation of TCR-9, or an RFC describing that or approach or an alternative.

August 2022December 2022?


1-2 hours/weekWednesdays, 8 ET/12 UTC, Slack#tc-i18nTBD
Controlling AWS Hosting Costs

Create and publish processes that bring visibility to the project's AWS costs, provide a mechanism for approving major changes to AWS usage, and eliminate unnecessary spending. See expected deliverables.


TBD - ongoing effort


1 hour meeting every 2 weeks; 3 hours/week outside meetingTBDControlling AWS Hosting Costs subgroup
Breaking Changes


  • Clarify what constitutes a "breaking change"
    • At the module level
    • At the interface level
    • etc.
  • Clarify if breaking changes can be "batched" into a single version bump.
  • Figure out how operational changes and breaking changes are communicated... via semver?  release notes?  both?  something else?


  • RFC
  • ADR




1-2 Hours / WeekTue, 11am ET (3pm UTC)TBD
Improve the TCR Process
  1. Gather thoughts on areas that can be improved
    1. Via a retrospective
    2. Ensure that multiple perspectives are included, submitters and reviewers
  2. Align the template and the acceptance criteria
  3. Make clarifications to the process and acceptance criteria
  4. Ensure the rationale behind the TCR process has been effectively communicated
  5. Investigate:
    1. Is the criteria too exclusive?
    2. Is the process, either in design or implementation, transparent and communicative enough?
    3. Does this process allow for communication with all appropriate stakeholders?
    4. Is the process sufficiently collaborative? Is it too oppositional?


  • Updated process documentation
  • Updated acceptance criteria
  • Updated review template




1 hour meeting time

1 hour offline work

Distributed vs Centralized Configuration
  • An RFC (and eventual DR) 

Details TBD




TBDRadhakrishnan Gopalakrishnan (Vijay) 

Architecture Review Subgroup


  • From 12/7 meeting notes:  Create a new subgroup that deal with taking stock of the current architecture

TBD - on hold until some other subgroups wrap up.




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  1. Mike Gorrell Steffen Köhler Guys, FOLIO Security Team has discussed that it's important to establish a security upgrade support process for FOLIO and this is likely related to the LTS topic for which a working group is being formed. Would you like to engage with the FOLIO Security Team on this, e.g involve some Sec Team members in the working group?