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  • Kick-off meeting

Discussion items

5 minWelcome & Kick-off

25 min

Folio specific concerns about creating UI unit tests

  1. Existing Nightmare tests are mostly integration tests. There are nightmare tests that used for isolated modules but they still require an environment to be deployed. While everyone agrees that that these tests are valuable, we need to find a way to build code coverage with unit tests that should help to bring much more solid modules into integration process. Also, isolated unit tests will reduce dependency on environment provisioning and allow faster iteration cycles for developers.
  2. Primary concern for creating unit tests for isolated UI modules is the overhead of creating and maintaining "test doubles". Therefore integration of the mock server with Pact server should be addressed rather sooner.
  3. Team agreed that test code coverage should be generated during isolated UI component CI build job. It should a fairly straightforward process based on the comments from John Malconian and Charles Lowell.
  4. Team agreed that the passing criteria (proposed by Matt Jones) for executing tests should be the sequence of 3 steps:
    1. clone a repo
    2. yarn install
    3. yarn test (John Malconian: I think there should be maybe two distinct scripts - one for unit tests and one for integration tests. i.e 'yarn test' and 'yarn integration-test')
  5. Time to setup a test environment should be minimal; .
  6. Test suite for each UI module should run fast (no more than ?? sec or min)
20 min

Tools that should be evaluated / selected

We didn't receive any suggestions to review another tool that was not deployed in some way already. Team agreed to review BigTest implementation for ui-checkin module that Jeffrey Cherewaty will demonstrate during next scheduled meeting on 8/14.

10 minCreate task list and assign them

see below

Action items