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  • Jeffrey Cherewaty will present BigTest test cases written for ui-checkin module.
  • Integration tests are failing practically 100%. Team to discuss the most common CLASSES of failures. List efforts that are under way. Identify gaps. 
  • Many high value tasks are in progress that will affect UI change pull request process. These tasks will have direct impact on the quality of UI applications. Please get familiar with descriptions and comments for JIRA tickets listed below. I would like us to discuss how we can stay in-sync, provide input, and communicate changes to the community.

Discussion items

20 min

Demo: presentation of unit tests created for ui-checkin module

20 min

 FAILED: 'UI Regression Tests failed for Regression_Tests/folio-testing-ui-tests

  • Discuss reasons for these failures
  • Lists the remediation efforts that are already WIP
  • Identify gaps that are still open
 The Team
  1. the app fails to render ; nightmare can take screenshot; collect more data during test;
  2. dependency management STRIPES-543 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  3. recognition of successful call. Add "wait for the network". Refactor for the convergence - wait for element.
  4. settings configuration
20 minChanges to PR process and CI pipelinesThe Team
  1. Try to use convergence with Nightmare tests (see #3 above)
  2. Documentation of PR and CI changes

Action items