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  • Demo of work needed to improve BigTest bootstrapping process.  
  • Demo of generating code coverage for ui-users by Nightmare tests

Helpful information to review prior to meeting:

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30 minDemo of BigTest bootstrapping changesWil and Jeffrey

1) Wil and Jeffrey moved a lot of BigTest bootstrap code to stripes-core. It will make configuration of UI module much easier.

2) Smart components are is not a typical UI module. Wil explains his approach here:

15 minDemo of generating Nightmare code coverage reportEric Valuk

Eric demonstrated Nightmare tests that can generate code coverage report identical to BigTest because they both are using the same tool:

As of right now, the is outstanding issue that coverage report is not being generated if tests are run against a platform.

30 minFree discussion
  1. ui-inventory was identified is #1 priority to build unit test code coverage. Jeffrey will bootstrap ui-inventory this week so that Zak can start building unit tests for this module.
  2. stripes-cli commands for bootstrapping BigTest should be finished by 10/12
  3. Coverage in SonarCloud vs Circle CI will be report different numbers for ui-eholdings. Need to configure SonarCloud to exclude the same files that are being excluded by Circle CI.
  4. ui-checkin and ui-myprofile have BigTest unit test and can be configured for SonarCloud reporting.
  5. eHoldings build in Jenkins will be running longer (2X) until parallel test execution is implemented.
  6. General discussion about long term plan for Nightmare tests. Eventually they will be phased out as individual module tests. We'll use them for integration testing only. BigTest will be used for unit tests.
  7. "Next Release" branch ( should be used to build system for ui-module testing because it will be more stable than snapshot.

Action items

  • Jeffrey Cherewaty - Implement bootstrapping of ui-inventory by hand so that we can start creating BigTest code coverage sooner.  
  • Jeffrey Cherewaty to check with John Malconian how to configure files to be included into coverage report for eHoldings.
  • John Malconian to enable test execution and SonarCube for ui-checkin, ui-myprofile, ui-eholdings. 
  • Eric Valuk to work with Matt Jones to resolve problem generating coverage report for a platform.