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Discussion items

10 minTeam are creating stories for implementing missing test code coverage with old Big Test. We need to issue guidance on what to do while we're working on the current set of decisions. 
  • For stripes-* libraries, continue adding coverage with BigTest.
  • For all other repositories, PLEASE WAIT while we make a decision here.
20 minReview and agree on definition of UI Test Types 
  • Agreed on the definitions of unit, integration, and end-to-end tests
  • At present, we mostly have integration tests in BigTest, some E2E tests in Nightmare, and some unit tests in Jest
  • (Pie in the sky: convert some Bugfest test cases to E2E tests they can be run automatically and more frequently)
20 min Discuss and agree on UI testing tool evaluation criteria  
  • Evaluate various tools with in spikes using objective criteria  to take the emotion out of the evaluation process.  
10 minDiscuss spikes and assign them
  • BigTest alpha by ~August? Can/should we do a spike? Are we interested in FrontSide converting an existing app to BigTest2? 
  • UI Testing Tool options currently include: BigTest v1, BigTest v2, NightmareJS, Cypress, Jest, react-testing-library, Nightwatch, Webdriver, Enzyme
    • Spikes planned for: BigTest
  • NightmareJS is a deadend; will not evaluate further
  • Nightwatch has nice multi-browser capabilities but there are stronger candidates; evaluate only if other tools are proved inadequate

Action items