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Discussion items

10 minKarate 
  • Karate has been adopted by some backend teams [Thunderjet] for cross-module tests. Is it worth considering as an E2E candidate? Folio PoC is available. 
  • Zak will do a spike, hoping to leverage NightmareJS testing experience.
10 min

Review situation with Cypress:

  • Mike Taylor has already implemented Cypress testing for ui-courses
  • we still need to evaluate Cypress relative to the other options, and to our specific requirements
10 min

Cover call with Frontside

  • feedback page (PLEASE contribute if possible)
  • help with old tests: Frontside is actively refactoring `@bigtest/mirage` out of old code
  • help with organizing mocks 
    • can we get this into a central, shared repo? 
  • spike for new big test, offered to pair up with Frontside resource.
    • knowing BigTest v2 is not complete, Folio would rather get hands dirty with a prototype than wait until gold-master release.
    • Frontside says BT2 and Cypress may usefully coexist
  • Anyone watched video about new BigTest?  Would presentation from them would be helpful?
10 minDeadlines and Tickets for spikes vs TestRail
  • testrail is not free, and we often hit 150-seat license cap, many occupied by testers
    • ... but it has some pretty nice Jira intergration features
    • maybe use account-per-team instead of per-person?
  • do we actually need to worry about this now? 

Action items