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Discussion items

 SSO WorkflowKatalin Lovagné Szűcs


Matching is currently based on external systems ID, should be switched to userid (or configurable on a per-tenant basis, but the expectation of most institutions is that external systems ID is a key from the SIS, not an authentication token).

Suggestion from Mark: ability to test/validate the SSO config before making it live.

 Bulk user import moduleOne change: users not in feed are deactivated, not deleted.
 Data migration issuesAnne L. Highsmith

Two issues related to migrating from an existing system:

  • Username is required in FOLIO, but some users don't have one in current system
    • Work is underway that could remove the requirement (from Jakub Skoczen)
  • No current support for importing proxy relationships
    • As long as we can translate the mapping of users, there's no architectural limitation to importing proxy users.

Action items