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  1. Adding “affiliations” to user metadata – This is something OLE does that people find valuable. Let’s discuss what it is and whether/how it could be incorporated in FOL

  2. Password functionality

    1. Assumption: only FOLIO operators need passwords

    2. How are passwords provisioned?

    3. How can passwords be reset?

    4. What if a user forgets their password?

    5. If FOLIO is using SSO, can we turn off all FOLIO password functionality or is it still needed for special cases?

    6. Etc.

  3. Statistical groups – Let’s discuss how this data is entered, how it is structured etc. Is there a need to CRUD a controlled vocabulary for these or can it be free-form at the record level (more like “tags”)?

  4. Expiration dates for addresses, emails and phone numbers – This was proposed by some in the RA SIG. Let’s discuss use cases and whether/how such a feature could be incorporated into FOLIO

  5. Other RA thoughts on the user metadata elements?

Discussion items

Demo of Affiliation in OLEEdd Merkel
  • Chicago uses LDAP affiliations coming from central Identity Management
  • Used to assign OLE privileges to Library staff
  • Statistical categories are useful & important
  • Current OLE affiliations are not sufficiently customizable to capture useful detail
  • Use case - see that this patron is a staff member in a specific department
  • Duke makes decisions based on where someone is in the University (ex. modifies default pick-up location)

Action items