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Status field and usageAs currently implemented, the status field only controls access to circulation activity, i.e. an active user can check out books, and inactive user cannot.  This was not the original specified use of this field.  In the user data schema, it is simply a boolean that indicates whether the user is active or not.  "Active" status should be prerequisite for any activity in FOLIO, both as a patron and as a staff user.  Thus, if a user leaves the institution and the feed marks them as 'inactive', they would no longer be able to log into FOLIO even if there are still permissions associated with that user.  If a user leaves a library (but not the institution), their record would remain active but would need to be stripped of permissions to revoke their staff access to FOLIO.
  Additional ID fields

We discussed the additional IDs that Duke needs to track, as described here:

Most of these are for different classes of patrons, and can be handled in one of these two ways:

  1. They are stored in the existing three ID fields, and differentiated by unique patron type that is clearly visible from the circulation interface
  2. They are stored in custom fields that are indexed and searchable from the circulation interface

Ideally, both of the above options should be available to an institution, as not all use cases would be covered by either one of them.

Title Field
A title field (Mr., Mrs, Dr., etc.) is currently on the list of gaps for user management.  Can this be a single pre-configured list, or does it really need to be customizable per-tenant.  Which early adopter institutions would make use of this?

Action items