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Discussion items


Duke's ID RequirementsErin Nettifee
  • Concerned about the restricted number of patron identifiers within FOLIO (3)
  • Not sure using custom fields for additional identifiers will meet their needs.
    • Will have to provide the same functionality as the built in ID fields
    • Secondary concern about the user interface for the custom fields as Identifiers
  • Use cases
    • Current
      • Apple wallet used for building access, payments, printing
    • Requirements for Folio
      • Support for Apple wallet and other mobile applications like Apple Watch, Google Payments, Android Watch. (e.g. at self-serve kiosks)

Discussion by the group

  • Concerns by the group that IDs will fail to be flexible in the future
  • We believe the additional identifiers we've been discussing will be used for identification (not authentication)
  • Another library system uses the term "ID Alias" for the additional identifiers
  • At TAMU - their library system only contains one ID. An outside system they've integrated with is responsible for managing other identifiers

How does the group feel about discussing the entire project during these meetings - for example once a month.Unknown User (maura)

Possibly once a month we'll discuss FOLIO project topics outside of 'user management'. During our next meeting Björn Muschall will provide an update from the PC.

There is interest in discussing user permissions and data migration.

Link for the document Patty created in regards to data migration.

Links Maura Byrne provided for the wiki pages regarding the Aster (Q4 2018) release:

First, the Overall Status update history:


Here are the release notes:


And here is the latest weekly status report:

Action items

  • Tania Fersenheim - gather more information about custom fields.  Will custom fields as identifiers meet the needs of Duke and other implementers that require more than three IDs.
  • Tania Fersenheim - will create a UXProd for functionality related to additional identifiers 
  • Tania Fersenheim - will look into Shibboleth integration and report back.