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  • This meeting was set to discuss JIRA tickets that were written up for the Users App.  We evaluated them on whether they have been completed, whether they have been superseded, and, if neither were true, what priority it should be.

Discussion items

25 minRecap previous meeting

 35 minEvaluated 5 JIRA tickets.

Individual items below.

JIRA ticketDescriptionStatusNotes
UXPROD-34User record notes"Done" (not implemented)Khalilah Gambrell demonstrated Notes in the Users app, showing up as an accordion section that can be clicked open and closed.  We all agreed during the demo that it satisfied our needs.  It has yet to be implemented.
UXPROD-240Permissions assignment refinementNot done.  Priority unchanged on google doc.This JIRA ticket addresses the fact that individual permissions, as well as permissions groups, are all listed together as one big jumble in a drop-down menu.  As it currently is, it's not terribly usable, and it would be a high priority for several institutions.
UXPROD-1295Add additional field to user records and bulk importNot done.  Still needed, priority on gdoc unchanged.There is a possibility that early go-live institutions might be able to use custom fields for their specific purposes.  We wondered if it would be necessary to create a local fork of FOLIO in order to accommodate adding specific fields. 
UXPROD-259Add new features to importWait for new PO to discuss further.This report seems to be a ticket to gather together individual features mentioned in other JIRA tickets. 
UXPROD-242Ability to protect fields from being overwritten by User ImportWait for new PO to discuss further.This report may need to be split, considering that it may mean either: (1) protecting a field from being edited in the GUI; or (2) protecting a field from an import.

Action items

  • Next week, we will discuss the remaining seven items from the google doc.