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  • The goal for this meeting was to get a sense of what needs work, and what work needs prioritizing.

Discussion items

 5minWelcome to PattyAll

Welcome, Patty, as our new Product Owner

 5minCAP Plan discussion

A discussion of the "triangle" of developers, features, and time.

  • Should we invite staff who will be users of the Users App to come to a meeting or two? Initial answer is yes.
  • There is an old, possibly outdated, spreadsheet of permissions. 
    • Should we have a "Permissions Summit" with the people who originally set permissions and permissions sets?
    • Should there be a "Permissions Manager" function for staff?  Consensus yes, but not MVP.
  • Many JIRA tickets appear to overlap as far as definition, requirements.  They dovetail, but each appears to be different.  Are they similar enough to compile into one ticket?  They need evaluation, and possible rewriting.
  • There needs to be some concentration on documentation.  It is important to keep in mind the fact that there might be several different audiences, and writing for just one audience (like a Systems Librarian, for instance) may leave other audiences (like other staff who would do the day-to-day work) without adequate documentation.
    • UM can own this issue, but other SIGs must be involved.

Referenced resources

Cap Plan PO Worksheet - filtered for only Users Module

Missing Features document

Spreadsheet of all permissions - it's a little old, and probably out-of-date