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Discussion items

5 minAfter a review with Khalilah these items seem to be of the highest priority:Patty
  • Additional fields
  • custom fields
  • honorifics
50 minNotes, Custom Fields, honorifics, and proposed improvements to the Permissions UIKhalilah

"Notes" on the user record has had an increase in priority.  The Spitfire team has been assigned to work on this

The functionality will be similar to already existing notes functionality in the eholdings & agreements apps.  Initial version will not have the "assign" functionality.  (assign notes to multiple records)

Notes will appear below service points (accordion) for now.  Feedback on this positioning welcome.  In a future UM Sig. meeting we will do a card sorting exercise for accordion positioning with Beth from Texas A&M.

Work will probably start Monday.

Q: Reports on notes?  Not sure of this.  Not sure it is needed.  Notes would really just be a workaround if there are not other fields to use.  (e.g. tags, custom fields)

Ability to filter users by "Tags"

The Spitfire team will work on a spike for this functionality because the Users module was recently refactored.

Q: Can tags be used in reports?  Not sure.

The agreements module has this functionality already.

Q: Permissions around tagging?  – There are no permissions for tags right now.  There is a feature (or story) for this

Permissions Redesign in settings

Vega team will be working on this. 

Filter by assigned/unassigned and search capability

See moockups attached to jira.

Discussion around filtering by module.  If permissions are named using the conventions, then name search could work (not always the case).  Can a column for App. name be included on this screen?  Khalilah will look into the complexity of filtering by module.  

Can the permissions description be exposed on this screen also because some names are not descriptive enough?

Q: Will we be able to see who has a particular permission assigned to them?  Khalilah had not heard of this.

Permissions when looking at a patron record

The Vega team will work on this

Filter by base permissions vs permission sets

Custom Fields

Khalilah is looking for feedback.  We reviewed this draft presentation (not final).  It includes some older mockups.  Items in red are assumptions/under discussion

5 minTopics for future meetingsPatty
  1. Review the permissions spreadsheet for gaps & anything that seems confusing and give feedback to Cate
  2. Discuss the 'requirement questions to explore' & 'future features' from Khalilah's custom fields presentation 
  3. Look at statistical reporting structure that inventory has

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