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Discussion items

Erin agreed to take notes, so if we go alphabetically, that means that Philip Robinsontakes notes next week.

Maura proposes the following meeting agenda:

  • First agenda item - what can we see in the MVP?
  • Second agenda item - searching on umlauts / diacritics
  • Third agenda item - deleting users.


  • MVP - the report is coming out today. It is incumbent upon the project to visualize this for people. While MVP is being worked on, implementers are also doing exercise to visualize what they have to have and think about workarounds.
    • Patty says that the report should provide a list of current UXPRODs with quarter placement.
  • Questions about bulk load of users.
    • Example - Patty in Alabama talking about using scripts to do user load versus Banner integration. Bulk Loader has been used by Texas A&M, Alabama
    • On data migration wiki site — there's info on what was developed. A spreadsheet for testing is there - with a users tab - see who did what and what they used and how long it took.

    • Patty - group talking about delta - how often do we need to load users? 

    • Could this be wrapped into the question about deletion?

  • Deletion of users
    • First question - how does users support deletion right now?
    • Patty - can we discuss how patron purges work?
    • Erin described how it works at Duke. Scripts used - find expired patrons with activity no later than selected date, and then separate by open dependencies (fines, loans, other data issues.) Once dependencies are closed, 
    • Uschi described how it works at her institutions. Define script based on patron type, activity level, dependencies - then a test purge and review log file - and then do a real purge.
    • Patty - so can we write one feature — one story that would include purge script, and then one that would include deleting single user through the UI. Sounded like consensus from group that that was best.
    • A script that could handle deleting one patron would be an acceptable workaround for the GUI feature.
  • Back to data migration / patron loading
    • So - Patty - what about a constant loader? Something that would send updates when they happened.
    • Michelle - Lehigh has an OLE webservice piece that does a database transaction.
    • Patty - is the API feature on FOLIO compliant to accept updates this way?
    • Patty - next week we are in Sweden to do rigorous bug testing and implement ERM for Chalmers.
    • Patty will follow up with questions about bulk loading — FOLIO should be able to support scripting – but we seem to be missing the U in the CRUD.
  • Back to Deletion of Users
    • Patty - what happens when someone drops from a file?
    • Erin - describes process at Duke - when you drop from file, should cause expiration - but can be problematic.
    • Todd - date comparison - we look at update of IDM file - you don't have a current update date, if that doesn't update then Voyager doesn't let you do anything. But they have a problem because self-check machines look at expiration date, not the way Voyager does it. So people can sometimes continue to use self-check machines.
    • Also Voyager doesn't allow bulk deletion of barcodes until patron is deleted.
    • Maura - one of the things they need at UChicago is the ability to override a patron record that is expired by accident.
      • Erin - there is a Jira in there.
    • So what's an inactive user for?
      • Jana - but if you make it inactive from the drop down, and expiration date is in future, it reverts to active. Is this a bug?
      • Jana and Patty- so what exactly does active / inactive do?
      • Erin - there's no documentation unless there is something in Jira.
    • Patty - what is the point of using inactive with an expiration date in the future?
      • Uschi - example of patron losing a library card, and inactivating until card is found.
    • Patty - would people ever bulk load inactive users?
      • Jana - yes, we will as part of the initial data migration.
    • Jana - maybe we should start a list of what we want for Active and Inactive Status. Jana will start a list in the wiki that people can add to. (here is the list: Active and Inactive Status)

Topics Requested from Meeting Attendees / POs

ItemWhoNotesDiscussed Today?Resolution / Next StepsCarry topic to next week?
Search functionJana

Search function, esp. names with diacritics (Åäöü)

e.g. last name Müller or Åhman

Bulk User importErin

from Slack channel

Does anyone know (or can tell me) what the current, supported approach is (or will be) for bulk importing user records? I can see a github for mod-user-import, jiras for that project with comments that ask if that mod is still being supported. |I can see a very old jira ( for bulk-loading that was last updated last year.I can see a very old jira about performance improvements ( that was last updated last 

YesPatty to ask for info / updates from Ebsco staff while in Sweden next weekYes
  • What in the Users functional area made it into the MVP;
YesWill be discussed at this week's product councilNo
Freezing User RecordsErin
  • Discussing the Jira for freezing user records (UXPROD-242)
BrieflyNeeds more discussion outside of context of patron loader / bulk loader.Yes
Deleting User RecordsErinYesPatty to write user storiesYes
Custom FieldsKhalilahdiscuss Custom Fields UI designs and requirements (Custom fields presentation from last visit)NoMaura to reach out and scheduleYes
Searching by specific fieldsErinRight now Users has general keyword searching; we will want to be able to search specific fields - IDs, emails, addresses, notes?No