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Discussion items

Notetaker: Michelle Suranofsky (thanks Michelle)

Maura proposed the following meeting agenda:

  1. Active/inactive users.  Erin got feedback from the RA SIG, and we should hear about it.
  2. What is the canonical loader (or loading process) for the bulk import of users?  It was discussed a bit on Slack, but we should bring everyone up to speed here.
  3. What can we expect when searching Users, especially when a name has a diacritic in it? - to be postponed as Jana cannot attend today


Open Topics Requested from Meeting Attendees / POs

ItemWhoNotesDiscussed Today?Resolution / Next StepsCarry topic to next week?
Bulk User importErin

from Slack channel

Does anyone know (or can tell me) what the current, supported approach is (or will be) for bulk importing user records? I can see a github for mod-user-import, jiras for that project with comments that ask if that mod is still being supported. |I can see a very old jira ( for bulk-loading that was last updated last year.I can see a very old jira about performance improvements ( that was last updated last 

Discussed during the meeting:

  • Spreadsheet that documents attempts to load data/results:

  • If we have requirements around this topic, we should be collecting them.
    • eg - Is the API to load data robust enough to talk to local identity providers on an ongoing basis?

Patty to ask for info / updates from Ebsco staff while in Sweden next week
Freezing User RecordsErin

Discussing the Jira for freezing user records

UXPROD-242 - Getting issue details... STATUS (is this the appropriate issue?)

Discussed during the meeting:

  • To freeze a user record means having a way to protect the record from being updated. 
  • In the MVP stage Duke would be satisfied with having a way to protect an entire record from being updated.  (Later - protecting fields on a record)
  • In preparation for a discussion about this during our next meeting read the Jira and attached documentation UXPROD-242 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Maybe we can figure out smaller stories to get some of this work done...workarounds?

Needs more discussion outside of context of patron loader / bulk loader.

Deleting User Records

(not part of the discussion today)


Discussing the need for deleting patron records (no Jira currently; need for one discussed in comments of

UXPROD-291 - Getting issue details... STATUS

 I don't think we ended up discussing this during the meeting.

Patty to write user stories

Searching by specific fields

(not part of the discussion today)


Right now Users has general keyword searching; we will want to be able to search specific fields - IDs, emails, addresses, notes?

Perhaps one of these issues fits:

UXPROD-1015 - Getting issue details... STATUS

UXPROD-907 - Getting issue details... STATUS (New feature)

UXPROD-869 - Getting issue details... STATUS (Epic)

UXPROD-1941 - Getting issue details... STATUS (new feature)

We didn't talk about this today.

Custom FieldsUschi

UXPROD-33 - Getting issue details... STATUS

the tag cap-mvp has been removed - reason? Further activities?

Discussed during the meeting:

  • will custom fields be searchable? (searchable in multiple modules of the system?)
  • will custom fields be populated by the API

Search function

(postponed this discussion)


Search function, esp. names with diacritics (Åäöü)

e.g. last name Müller or Åhman

We postponed this discussion for a day when Jana Freytag is in attendance.

Active/ Inactive Erin

This topic was discussed with the RA SIG

Uses cases for active vs inactive?

  • things like managing seasonal employees
  • use case of stolen or lost card could be managed with a block?

Inactive patrons are blocked from borrowing because they are inactive & expired

Possible plan forward:

Leave it 'as is' (coupled with the expiration date).  It is acceptable the way it is - managing patrons with their expiration date.  However the active/inactive indicator is handy for filtering in the user module.  (easier than indicating a date)

Close UIU-913

Multiple Patron Identifiers

Additional patron identifiers will not be in the MVP(?).  Conversation turns to custom fields and wondering if they are searchable.  Will custom fields work for multiple user identifiers?

Patty & Erin will work on users stories for:

  • Repeatable ID Field which must be 'nameable'


Patty will work on stories for:

  • the department field
  • preferred name/preferred pronouns