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  • Agenda item 1: Can Folio create patron barcode numbers when a new user window is opened, with the number increasing by 1 every time the create new user screen is opened. and automatically put it in the barcode field?  Should that happen?
  • Agenda item 2: What are "Invisible permissions?" 

Discussion items

5 minNote takerNancy Burford

 30 minAutomatic generation of patron barcode numbersAnnalisa, Zeno

Annalisa and Zeno brought up this discussion in Slack.  It is a necessary part of the BNCF's implementation of Folio, which is scheduled to go live in January 2020.  Erin, Patty, and others pushed back against this requirement, because it would run counter to how American libraries would handle patron barcodes.  At the moment, BNCF uses a UID that associates the patron with the barcode number printed on the patron's card (which is RFID-equipped).  It is unlikely that this can be written into Folio by the end of this year, and other libraries would need to ability to turn it off.  It's possible to use an API to write this data to the patron record, but Zeno would need a hook in the data.  Patty will connect Annalisa and Zeno with Mark Veksler from EBSCO to address this in the short-term.

It's possible that UXPROD-1770 (Create Accession Numbers Generator), UXPROD-1854 (Create Call number generator), and UXPROD-1716 (Automated barcode assignment) are relevant to the topic. They all appear to be in a very early stage, in draft mode.  They may need to be pulled into a larger feature request. 

We would still need the option to turn off any of them.

10 minInvisible permissionsMauraThis was largely a question of definition.  Erin asked a developer.  Permissions and permission sets have an attribute of "visible" that can be marked "true" or "false."  Lisa at Chalmers habitually marked the "invisible" permissions "visible," for testing purposes.  Permissions could be marked "not visible" if they weren't relevant to users, such as the Okapi permissions or the Stripes permissions.

Action items