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  • Agenda item 1: Welcome Andy!
  • Agenda item 2: WOLFcon UM SIG attendees / topics
  • Agenda item 3: Updates from Patty - development and JIRA tickets

Discussion items

5 minNote takerPhil

10 minWOLFconMaura
  • So far, confirmed WOLFcon attendees are: Patty, Nancy, Phil. 
  • Hopefully the Zoom and web conferencing mics will be better than other F2Fs so remote folks can tune in successfully.
  • Patty’s draft agenda proposals (on Connecting to Campus Identity Providers and Permission Management) were sent forward to the WOLFcon organizers. Thanks Patty!
45 minPatty's updatesPatty and group
  • Spitfire and Vega developer teams will work on external system IDs and departments. There was a conversation with Kelly Drake about the differences between departments in user records vs course records.
    • Seems that the departments brought in via a load should be able to be subscribed to for patrons. At the moment there are two separate department lists. For users it’s largely for reporting on statistics. We may want to support the notion of having only one list; there’s a risk of data drift otherwise.
    • For course reserves, it’s more for access and discovery, and is a subset of the larger department list. Next - see if the reserves developers could use a common larger department list.
  • Review of UIU-1196 (Erin had contributed comments) - external system IDs. Khalilah had a question - what’s the average number of external system IDs? Duke has several use cases, including Apple ID / Google ID etc. Cornell and others may only need 2 for now (university ID / bar code + network NetID). MeeScan etc. would be covered by SIP2. Discovery - if Blacklight, what does it use for patrons? UChic: VuFind uses Shibboleth, so probably the SSO ID. 6-8 external IDs may be too many, in terms of system complexity.
    • Challenging to plan for future extension of external IDs - maybe focus on an upper limit for now.
    • UChic uses MeeScan actively. Requires authenticating using the campus network SSO. Index Data may be working on MeeScan support in FOLIO. 
  • Patty is also working on statistical categories (patron stat codes), modeled on inventory statistical codes and code types. The stat codes end up in the same list. 
  • Discussion of pros and cons of tags for statistical codes. One issue is once they’re deleted it’s permanent and can have wide-ranging impacts. Also if you want to do a global delete of a tag, you have to find each and every instance of the tag first. Metadata folks prefer a restricted data dictionary so the information doesn’t get out of control over time.

Action items