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Discussion items

Expiration dates for users

  • Patty had found a test about an expiration date being automatically set.
  • This does not happen right now. You have to do it manually.
  • Example - affiliate patron - you would want it to be populated when you selected patron group "affiliate"
  • Uschi - their current system has this feature so they would like to have it.
  • There is a story - UIU-1022.
  • Patty will make a feature and attach a specific story to it. We discussed UIU-1022.
  • So would we add a column to the existing patron groups table?
  • Quickest thing - but might make the pane pretty long.
  • Can one field be enough if people want a number (30 days) or they want a fixed calendar date?
  • Might be advantageous to look at existing UI pattern example of fee/fine owners and manual charges, as to how you could accommodate a thing that needed a lot of settings to be associated to a specific thing.
  • Uschi - could it be possible to have a feature to renew a patron account that would extend the date?
  • Patty will draft a skeleton feature for this and we need to take it to RA for discussion.

Accommodating External System IDs

  • Kimie - some schools could have up to 8 to 10 external system IDs.
  • Having that many seems like a lot to put in extended information.
  • Andrea gave feedback about calling the accordion User IDs and pulling in the FOLIO ID.
  • Can we configure it so that only the ones we use  would show up? Yes.
  • At TAMU, the university ID is also the barcode.
  • lots of discussions about what happens when a card is expired.
  • would there be a possibility of simply doing this as a table instead? and keeping it all in extended information
    • one of the ideas in Users is that view and edit should be as similar as possible. Doing a table would break that design pattern.
    • advantage of keeping in a separate accordion and leave styling the way it is is that you could control access with permissions.
  • Consensus - keep as separate accordion
    • The FOLIO ID should not be included in this accordion, because it's not an external ID.
  • Uschi - can the edit screen use more of the white space that's on both sides? It could help with viewing names and email addresses.


Action items