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Discussion items

We will not meet again until January.


Who is going?

Patty, Erin, Michelle, Catherine, Phil  (Note to the group...please add or remove...I think Catherine said she was going?)

Streaming WolfCon sessions?

It is a new facility.  We will attempt to stream our sessions

External System IDs


On the mockup, one of the IDs is marked as primary.  The group did not express any concerns about this and discussed the use cases below.  Patty will write a story for this which will complete her work documenting the feature.

Use cases:

  • useful for in-app reporting
  • SIP2 module, use for external system ID...but would require changes to SIP module (so this is a future use)
  • Chalmers use / alt login
  • Future integration - Apple Wallet ID - use an external ID to lookup a patron

Permissions & Permission Sets

Maura mentioned a document for immutable permission sets.

Over the next few weeks, the permissions & permission sets will have to be tested.   We have to make sure permissions work.  We have to check not only the 'underlying' permissions but permissions at a higher level  (e.g. studs/drywall)

We discussed the 'user permission' spreadsheet.

Concern that permission tests are being passed during bugfest but problems (permissions do too much or don't do enough) are being missed -  UXPROD-2136 - Getting issue details... STATUS   ,  UIU-1327 - Getting issue details... STATUS

A good next step for this group could be to discuss permission needs with functional staff at our libraries.  Talk to people who manage people and find out what permissions their people need.  ...diagram a workflow...write a user story/persona for giving people permissions could be useful.

Next steps 

1) permissions will be tested

2) next  - make it easier to assign permissions

'Definitional' problem .. what are each of these permissions?  

Concerns about all of this being documented!

It should be as easy as possible for people to get started.  ...a better demo system would be helpful.

Umlaut searching concern:

This appears to be a problem.  Is this an open bug?


Action items