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Bulk loader requirements

Patty Data with question from Migration Group: John Miller (Chicago) asked about Bulk Loading and how does the tools work? Bulk Load applied to Inventory, Holdings, Items; it has to be in users and others as well; but no stories/requiements so far to improve the current loader (for daily loads); asked Cate about, with no real answer; UM Sig should talk with their SysOps people

Erin: early build and then forgotten

Initial load done by many libraries but no daily procedure for updates etc.

Michelle describes procedure in Lehigh: IDM pushes changes; service catch the request; making calls on Folio APIs; Queue-Management

Erin on procedure: entire files from IDM; new, update, and delete if record not included in file anymore

Catherine: Voyager: looks for record last updated

We would not delete a user but set expiry date!

Maura: set criteria if record is deleted or expired

Brooks: from data integrity perspective; flagged at command level to delete users;

Patty: we need some stories; takes forward the discussion to Cate

Ann-Marie on Tags

basic tags functionalities is add tags and filter by them; for users just add tags is implemented at the moment; valuable if filtering is implemented

newest version on tags in orders including filter

use cases on tags: own reviews to do; prepare for a meeting; urgent things etc.; sort of workflow type things

tags usable across apps

no deletion at the moment; coming feature

at the moment there is no permission; set or not

Brooks: app-level permission would be great

permissions individual record see UXPROD-489

department seems to be suitable for tags (A.-M.); others deny

tags are pushed in die LDP

Patty: Permission or filtering

Brooks: tags import via user API? A.-M.: no

Erin: having no controlled vocabulary is difficulty

concerns about using tags, as they cannot be deleted yet

no wildcard search at the moment

no central management on tags at the moment

Ann-Marie pleads for the integration of tags filters for the users app; not much dev work

Some group member hesitate going forward with tags (as long they cannot be deleted);

all in all agreement that implementing tags filters would make sense; decision on use can be made locally

Patty Wanninger approaches Khallilah to discuss backend/frontend work effort to implement tags filter

Patty Wanninger asks cate on departement fields (question)

no way at the moment to see all records with a particular tag

Action items