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Discussion items


We have one timeslot - Friday morning at 8:30 - joint UM/RA meeting. There is a session about campus identity providers, but that is labeled for SysOps.

Maura is not attending in person, will participate virtually as much as possible.

Possible meeting topics for Friday at 8:30

We need to reach out to RA about this to find out what they want to cover.

Permissions is one possible thing to cover.

Is it worth doing a demo? Is that helpful?

How will people manage permissions and access - discussion from other institutions, potentially.

We need to designate a meeting convener for the session and come up with agenda.

Erin will email Andrea to find out what she is hoping to get out of the meeting, and cc Patty.

There is an 11 o'clock session on Friday to about reporting which includes User Management reports as well.

Patty could start with a basic demo of the UX/UI. The first 10-15 minutes. Similar to tests that are done in bug fest.

  • create a new user

Then ask RA to give feedback / expectations about performance. Where are the gaps?

Erin - suggest that RA will probably have feedback on search performance. Do we have a demo site with a lot of user records? like 10k?

RA SIG has a meeting tomorrow morning - Erin has emailed RA convener and cc'd Patty to find out about topics and their expectations for meetings. 

No meeting next week since we will all be at WolfCon.

Future topics

Bulk loading - we think it needs requirements but there is a lot of confusion.

Passwords - questions about Shibboleth setup. 

Can users without passwords sign in in a standard interface? Patty thinks that Erin, Brooks, and her should talk to Theodor Tolstoy.

  • Michelle did a quick demo of a google sheets add-on that they've been working on that could pull permissions in. Looks up who has the permissions assigned. Nice.
  • She published this into the folio-labs github. google-sheets-addon

Bjorn - interested in blocks having pre-set values like they've seen in other places. 

Action items