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  • Discussion of priority of work for Maura to share with PC

Discussion items


  • Tech writer very close to being hired

Priority of Work for convener to bring to PC

 There are two types of work the User Management SIG has discussed: 1.) additional fields to be added to the User data model and 2.) improvements to the data loader. Two additional fields have stories written: adding additional external ID fields:  UXPROD-2148 - Getting issue details... STATUS ' , and adding departments:  UXPROD-2147 - Getting issue details... STATUS  Both are assigned to Q3 2020. and the stories are still in draft.

We discussed two other additional fields: preferred name and honorifics. Preferred name was discussed by this group earlier and it was considered that the custom fields could accommodate it, though being able to use the preferred name as a token for notices is required. Some libraries have a system that allows patrons to choose their preferred name and it comes in the feed; others feel a need for legal name somewhere in the record.  There is a ticket for adding tokens for custom fields:  UXPROD-2248 - Getting issue details... STATUS   PO Darcy Brancini will add the description of the requirement to have the custon field be a token.

The topic of titles or honorifics came up, which had been discussed previously. Uschi remarked this is a high priority for German libraries. Discussion followed that the list should be a reference data chart for ease of localization. I created a new feature for this, UXPROD-2317 - Getting issue details... STATUS a split from  UXPROD-1295 - Getting issue details... STATUS   .Implementers shou.ld rank the new feature.

As a result of the discussion, the group was fairly comfortable with the specific features discussed and Maura will report to the PC that our concern at the moment is to be sure the tool to migrate and load users should get priority.

Action items