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  • Test password for the Zoom meeting
  • Revisit/recap discussion of passwords in UM-SIG that occurred in the Slack channel.
  • Bugfest discussion.


  • Our current user stories are planned for Q3
  • Discussion about bulk user load
    • Dealing w/it now and future
  • Open Athens person to join this group
  • FOLIO - change in setting password - discussion in Slack
    • We'll discuss this next week
  • Patty will be the backup conveyor for the UM SIG
  • Discussion about finding meaningful 'work-from-home' work that will benefit the FOLIO project.  There is a meeting about this Thursday that Patty is attending.  

Future Topics

  • Setting a FOLIO password
  • Jana's topic related to bugfest
  • User record retrospective - An introduction to the Users module as it now stands, with a little relevant historical background.  We discussed putting together a demo, to show people who are new to the FOLIO Users module what to expect, such as:
    • What fields are required for a valid user record
    • How accordions get populated
    • Other things to be determined.

Action items