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  • We will go over some outstanding JIRA tickets

Discussion items

Note takerMatt

 Freezing/Protecting records



UXPROD-242 protected fields
top-level and 'personal' object behave differently
personal object completely overwritten

UXPROD-2320 improvements to user load (multiple improvements)
Patty attached story about description of failure when a response is logged
data migration will use the same tool for initial load
Cornell loads directly to mod-user
limit to number of records in mod-user-import, depends on tenant settings?
mod-user-import has logic that would not be in bulk load in mod-user

should the features be separated?
1 do not want to add data about source into externalsystemID
-add source field to user
2 should be able to define what ID is used for matching
3 what happens when user is absent from feed?
expand UXPROD-242 to include this
4 protect fields from being overwritten
move to UXPROD-242

Other outstanding JIRA tickets

decided we would not do this one months ago
there are other options for doing this

Patty will present to Spitfire team
then she can close ticket

UXPROD-37 different permissions for different service points
from RA SIG
was never ranked high, not really any work done
Andrea will take back to RA SIG to write a story

UXPROD-35 attach file to user record
low rated
e.g. parental permission for minors

UXPROD-259 new features to import
no stories
vague and open-ended

Action items