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  • Discuss and prioritize some outstanding JIRA tickets
    • UXPROD-3033 - Support Custom Fields searching in Users
    • UXPROD-38 - Expiration Dates for Addresses/Emails/Phone numbers
    • UXPROD-1744 - Show users associated with a permission set or individual permissions
    • UXPROD-242 - Protect fields from being overwritten by User Import
    • UXPROD-2248 - Tokens - add custom fields to patron notices

Discussion items

5 minNote-takerDarsi
25 minsOpen tickets

User Management SIG Kanban board.

Priorities in future will be set using pointing exercise, not ranking features in JIRA ticket

No resources to work on these

  • UXPROD-3033 Support Custom Fields Searching in Users
    • we have mock ups
    • Holly is working on explanation to push this
    • can refine the stories, make them ready for pickup for a dev team
    • Patty: backend work is done
    • need to decide how to see them in UI for users
    • any text custom fields could be searched, otherwise filters
  • So how to get UXPROD-3033 done
    • Bjorn can’t do right now, lead dev has left
    • Brooks will give some resources for development when time comes for that.
5 mins

Preferred name needs to show in more places, Khalilah is gathering those tickets and will designate them

  • UICIRC-462 is to add preferred name token to notices
10 mins


  • Bjorn investigated, not feasible to implement in UI. A report would be easier to implement in cross-module reports.  Would that be enough or do we have further requirements, need to discuss.
  • Erin wrote a paper (can’t find it immediately)
    • two possibilities: standalone app OR in settings
  • Patty: should group take this on, rewrite the tickets, need mockups, then could just sit there until resources become available
    • Bjorn: we can take some time to look at it, remind ourselves what it’s about
    • Patty: she and Maura will get it into the slack channel, we’ll talk about it
    • Patty: doing this in reports sounds promising.  Start with “who is assigned to permission sets"
    • Bjorn: we can start with the report, then decide if it should be in an action menu
    • what data should be in output
      • name, searchable user ID, active status, patron group, expiration date, clickable URL to user record
    • Patty: if action “print report” or “download” could be available when in Settings→Permissions sets that would be great
    • Bjorn will ask Stefan to try and create the report!
5 mins


  • still high importance for Duke
  • got 21 points in Kiwi pointing exercise
  • is assigned to Prokopovych
  • different approaches to doing it, we need to give our specifications
  • Patty will ask Holly if it’s being considered, see if she’ll prioritize it
1 min


  • got bumped out of anyone’s queue
5 mins


  • this no longer looks like the right ticket.  in spreadsheet it was about deleting a user with a dependency check
  • work is done. ticket is now “Create Jest/RTL test for CommentRequiredSettings.js“ ... what happened?

Bjorn will do a bit of investigating 

Action items