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  • Discuss possible WOLFCon sessions for User Management

Proposed sessions

  1. The future of mod-user-import (current one is rickety)
    1. Workshop - problem solving 
    2. Tips & tricks on using current module
    3. Enumerating the problems we have with it
    4. Outline what we need to fix it.
  2. Feedback on Users app from implementers.
    1. Working meeting
    2. Workarounds
    3. What worked great
    4. What was not so great
    5. What we still need 
  3. How we use the APIs
    1. Workshop
    2. Tips & tricks
    3. What we use the APIs for vs. UI or LDP/Metadb/reporting
    4. What to look out for
    5. Smaller, more concentrated group
  4. Lab session
    1. Workshop - problem solving
    2. People can bring in things they need to do/develop
    3. Test the app - break it!
    4. Specific issues

Action items