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If we have additional time:

  • Writing user stories / features for deleting user records through the GUI (Erin, Patty)
  • Reviewing requirements that have been created and attached for Custom Fields ( UXPROD-33 - Getting issue details... STATUS ) (Erin)
  • Feature request for notes on records being displayed in pop-up or other contexts. (Steffi)
    • Because this involves the Check in and Check Out apps, this may end up needing to be a feature request for RA to manage.
  • Needs for PIN on user records, see what Jiras are existing, talk about requirements (Björn, others?)


Bugfest Feedback

E-Mail field is required, but there is no validation (Steffi)

  • Uschi: seems to be important because otherwise users may not receive their notifications.
  • It's a good practice to validate
  • Björn: Perhaps the tenant settings could be used to determine whether the e-mail field is mandatory or not.
  • Uschi: E-mail should not be mandatory as some GBV libraries have patrons without e-mail address.
  • Result / Action item: Patty will create a feature to add validation to the field.

The fields Status and Expiration date  are dependent on each other (Steffi)

  • Set Expiration date to future date → Status changes automatically to active
  • Set Expiration date to past date → Status changes automatically to inactive
  • The meaning (resp. impact) of the field Status is unclear.
  • We consider this a bug. The two fields should be able to be filled independently of each other.
  • Result / Action item: Patty will file a bug or feature to have these actually decoupled from each other.

The field Birth date is not validated (Steffi)

  • You can enter a date in the future.
  • Result / Action item: Patty creates a JIRA issue.

Password reset (Jana)

  • Björn: If no e-mail is sent, this is due to missing settings in the server configuration.

Changing the password manually (Jana)

  • Proposal: manage the user data incl. password in the campus ID System. Many US universities will intend to do this. Means you don't have to store the password in FOLIO.
  • The use of a password reset email and no ability to manually reset in GUI was intentional.
  • Uschi: What if the library doesn't use such a system?
  • Might be a solution: Change terms of use →  no use of library without e-mail address
  • Result / Action item: Patty suggests that Theodor Tolstoy presents the Chalmers SSO solution to us at one of the next meetings. Patty will reach out to Theodor to see about scheduling a time.

Extremely strict password rules (Björn)

  • It's difficult to find out which character combinations are allowed → It's not userfriendly
    • Example: no two identical letters in a row
  • Proposal: make the password strength configurable
  • Result / Action item: Patty will file a feature to work on this.

CAP plan JIRA issues (Erin)

  • Summary of the institution responses to MVP:
  • Discussing the following Jiras which did not make the CAP plan.
    • UXPROD-1744 - Getting issue details... STATUS
      • The UM SIG agrees that this is not important for MVP.

    • UXPROD-242 - Getting issue details... STATUS
      • Meaning of CAP comment is unclear. Björn: Perhaps if a field is not delivered (=empty), it will not be overwritten. Phil: But you might want to remove a field in FOLIO during import.

      • Result / Action item: Patty will ask the CAP plan group for feedback. Erin will work with Patty to write a user story for a "thin thread" v.1 of this - a flag or checkbox on record, that if checked, would cause a record to not be updated.
    • UXPROD-1790 - Getting issue details... STATUS
      • UXPROD-33 is important for Duke. Was put on hold when the Custom Fields were marked for MVP. But now CF are non-MVP.
      • Patty: meanwhile the CF development team was given other tasks. Notes could be used as an alternative to CF.
      • Erin: What about the National Library of Florence? They need CF for their FOLIO migration. Consensus - no need for specific reaching out, presumably they are seeing some information we are.
    • UXPROD-259 - Getting issue details... STATUS
      • can be closed. 
      • Result / Action item: Erin added a comment to the Jira since Cate Boerema was the reporter suggesting that it be closed.
  • For Q1, only a few issues will be planned; the focus will be on testing, bugfixing and stabilization.
  • So we did not identify any issues that needed to go back to CAP plan, other than seeking clarification on UXPROD-242 comment. Erin heard from Holly Mistlebauer after the SIG meeting that she was working on getting feedback on that comment.

User search facilities (Uschi)

  • Briefly scanned notes from Uschi and her test results. Erin is hoping to do some additional testing specifically about patrons with short last names.
  • Action item - Patty will write a feature about Improving Search in the Users App so that it can be ranked.
  • postponed to next meeting

Open Topics

ItemWhoNotesDiscussed Today?Resolution / Next StepsCarry topic?

Searching by specific fields


Right now Users has general keyword searching; we will want to be able to search specific fields - IDs, emails, addresses, notes?

Perhaps one of these issues fits:

UXPROD-1015 - Getting issue details... STATUS

UXPROD-907 - Getting issue details... STATUS (New feature)

UXPROD-869 - Getting issue details... STATUS (Epic)

UXPROD-1941 - Getting issue details... STATUS (new feature)

  • Uschi did additional testing - see notes from 2019-09-11 Meeting notes
  • Erin to discuss with RA SIG requirements for fielded searching
  • Erin to investigate a searching 
Yes; this is not yet resolved.
Pop-ups on user transactionsSteffinotes may be used for communication about users, and pop-ups on user transaction (or displaying of notes) is desired. Khalilah indicated this should be raised as a new feature request.
  • May need to be raised with RA SIG

Bulk User importErin

Does anyone know (or can tell me) what the current, supported approach is (or will be) for bulk importing user records? I can see a github for mod-user-import, jiras for that project with comments that ask if that mod is still being supported. |I can see a very old jira ( for bulk-loading that was last updated last year.I can see a very old jira about performance improvements ( that was last updated last 

Patty to ask for info / updates from Ebsco staff while in Sweden next weekYes; may need additional discussion in group as we go.

Deleting User Records


Discussing the need for deleting patron records (no Jira currently; need for one discussed in comments of

UXPROD-291 - Getting issue details... STATUS

  • User Stories need to be writtten
Custom FieldsUschi

UXPROD-33 - Getting issue details... STATUS

the tag cap-mvp has been removed - reason? Further activities?

The tag was removed, and this was dropped from the MVP due to capacity (discussed at RA SIG meeting)

We can and probably should review the requirements that Khalilah has generated; they are attached to the master Jira.

Discussion on PIN needs for user recordsBjorn, others?Important to discuss - Because the entry of an account password (e.g. university login) in a public space, e.g. self-checkout is not very protective. The input, especially in vertically hanging touch screen monitors, is not protected from the view of others behind me. Also, if I feel someone has been watching me, I can simply change my PIN without having to change my account (university) password. This provides extra security. The principle should be the same as with a bank card, where the account password and card PIN are different. We'd all be surprised if it wasn't that way with our bank, I think. Leipzig does not need this urgently, because we need at least another 2 years for go-live. But in the long run all Saxon libraries need this.

Multiple Patron Identifiers

Additional patron identifiers will not be in the MVP(?).  Conversation turns to custom fields and wondering if they are searchable.  Will custom fields work for multiple user identifiers?

Patty & Erin will work on users stories for:

  • Repeatable ID Field which must be 'nameable'

User stories have been written. We can probably drop this from our list of ongoing topics.No

Patty will work on stories for:

  • the department field
  • preferred name/preferred pronouns