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  7. Gap Analysis 2019 Missing Features 25_06_2019_Cataloging area.xlsx

    Foglio1 Foglio2 Foglio3 Only record missing/incomplete features that your institution needs to go-live here--all other feature requests should be reported to the appropriate SIG by your institution's SIG rep INSTITUTION FILLS IN LEFT SIDE PRODUCT OWNER FILLS IN RIGHT SIDE Original Order Your Name
  8. Re: Spike: MODKBEKBJ-255 - Harden process to load holdings

    "methods": ["GET"], "pathPattern": "/loadHoldings/status", "permissionsRequired": [""] As I understand, the timer interface can/will be triggered at the tenant level - do we need to consider having tenantId in url?
  9. Re: Spike: MODKBEKBJ-255 - Harden process to load holdings

    Assuming that while the loading is in progress - we will always have a 'totalCount' except that it can be 0 if none have been written to the DB yet. There are two examples posted - one of which has 'totalCount' and the other does not. Also, is this totalCount populated based on how many entries are inserted into DB? Th
  10. Re: Spike: MODKBEKBJ-255 - Harden process to load holdings

    For 4. The status endpoint will return the "Failed" status which indicates that something went wrong during loading. The user is able to run a one-time job to load holdings - how will the user be notified that the job has failed to manually run a one-time job? I think this is where the retry mechanism comes in handy al