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    Should we allow invoices that have no fund distributions? This would mean they create no payments or credits. Also, re payment and credit restrictions? Decision: The total must be covered but we should allow a 0 dollar invoice § Invoices are often used to communicate transfers to the accounting system as that is the
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    Acquisitions Small Group Meeting Notes: Tuesday, December 10, 2019 Attending: Dennis (EBSCO, Product Owner) Ann-Marie (EBSCO, Co-Product Owner) Susan (Chicago, Convener) Scott (Chicago) Steve (Colorado) Julie (Chicago) Martina (GBV) Ann (Cornell) George (Auburn) John (TAMU) Heather (TAMU) Michael (Alabama) Joi
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    2019_09_FOLIO_Circulation Usability Test Usability Working Group Task 1 Summary: • Everyone seemed to intuitively find the Check Out button. • Most users struggled with how to structure the name with the patron lookup (First Last/First, Last/Last, First) • Most users went to the barcode box to search for th
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