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  1. Scripts for Inventory, Source Record Storage, and Data Import Cleanup

     The following scripts may be used for identifying and cleaning up records in FOLIO's Source Record Storage and Inventory. More technical details are available … source is anything other than FOLIO or MARC  If the Inventory Holdings source = MARC, check to see if there is a linked SRS MARC Holdings record If yes
  2. Single Record Import

    Overview Single Record Import is available in FOLIO as of the Iris release. The idea is to do: 1) Starting from Inventory, pull the MARC record from a designated source e.g. OCLC World Cat, or Library of Congress by using the Action menu in Inventory. The process will automatically populate the MARC record
  3. Data Import

    Import can import MARC Bibliographic records to create and/or update records in the Inventory App and Source Record Storage. In 2021, support was added … Import: Inventory Instances Inventory Holdings Inventory Items Invoices and Invoice lines Source Record Storage MARC Bibliographic records Source Record
  4. 0-Recommended Maximum File Sizes and Configuration

    -source-record-storage from crashing with OOM during an Update import of 5,000 records. The property can be set to 1 to allow Update import of 10,000 records. mod … Nolana                                                                   mod-source-record-storage System property that can be adjusted Default value
  5. Glossary

    within FOLIO or generated from records in source record storage (SRS). Item The Item record contains data specific to a single volume or piece, such as barcode … not change its underlying hierarchical association. SRS Source Record Storage. If an instance has an underlying MARC record, then this record is stored in SRS
  6. Data Import FAQ

    /lower-case as the same in file names and file extensions Q. Is there a way to remove records from Source Record Storage? A. Yes, an endpoint was created … to be displayed. This behavior may be reviewed and refined in the future. Q. In the Source Record Storage data for each MARC record, there's a "rawRecord" which contains
  7. OAI-PMH Settings

    with. Associate with HTTP status 200 Yes Record source* Defines source of records: SRS, Inventory or both Source records storage Yes /* Introduced … Setting name Description Default Required Max records per response The maximum number of records returned in the ListRecords response
  8. Inventory

    for patron-facing discovery will come from Inventory, but bibliographic data for discovery will usually come from a richer source record (such as a MARC record … Purpose: Inventory is the FOLIO app where bibliographic information from a variety of sources can be presented in a uniform, abstracted form for management
  9. Search - using PostgreSQL (all releases up to Juniper)

    == "in00000009" give me the instance record where the HRID = in00000009 (this number will later be an 11 digit sequence) source = "folio" give me all instance records where metadata source = FOLIO source = "marc" give me all instance records where metadata source = MARC, which means that the instance record has
  10. MARC Mappings Information

    When the Source field of the Instance's is MARC, then most of the Instance's fields are controlled by the underlying MARC Bibliographic record, which is stored in Source Record Storage (SRS). The MARC Bib can be viewed from the Instance by selecting Actions/View source. MARC mappings are used to make equivalencies