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  1. Scripts for Inventory, Source Record Storage, and Data Import Cleanup

     The following scripts may be used for identifying and cleaning up records in FOLIO's Source Record Storage and Inventory. More technical details are available … source is anything other than FOLIO or MARC  If the Inventory Holdings source = MARC, check to see if there is a linked SRS MARC Holdings record If yes
  2. Single Record Import

    Overview Single Record Import is available in FOLIO as of the Iris release. The idea is to do: 1) Starting from Inventory, pull the MARC record from a designated source e.g. OCLC World Cat, or Library of Congress by using the Action menu in Inventory. The process will automatically populate the MARC record
  3. Troubleshooting external data sources and working with the job info and error logs

    Structure of external data sources, jobs and processes External data sources (aka Remote KBs) The external data source, or "Remote KB", record stores … this is always: org.olf.kb.adapters.GOKbOAIAdapter rectype rkb_rectype Record type Defines whether the external data source is configured to harvest Package
  4. Search - using PostgreSQL (all releases up to Juniper)

    be an 11 digit sequence) source = "folio" give me all instance records where metadata source = FOLIO source = "marc" give me all instance records where metadata source = MARC, which means that the instance record has an underlying MARC record in SRS contributorsNames all "Sosa Keita" give me all instance records
  5. Data Import FAQ

    Instances Inventory Holdings Inventory Items Invoices and Invoice lines (via EDIFACT) Source Record Storage MARC Bibliographic records Source Record Storage MARC Authority records Source Record Storage MARC Holdings records Q: Where can I find demonstration videos to see how data import works in real time? A: Yes
  6. quickMARC

    whose source record is a MARC record. quickMARC saves to SRS (source record storage) and updates the Source Record and the Inventory instance record. quickMARC … Purpose quickMARC is designed to be a lightweight MARC record editing tool, meant for quick edits of existing records. While quickMARC is its own module, it's
  7. Recommended Maximum File Sizes and Configuration

    Nolana                                                                   mod-source-record-storage System property that can be adjusted Default value … -source-record-manager 2 1024 2048 1844 800m 1024m mod-source-record-storage 2 1024 1536 1440 512m 1024m mod-di-converter-storage 2 128 1024
  8. DRAFT Overview: reliably process large MARC files

    the MARC file with the records for the sliced portion of the file Links to download the source file are only available when the file-splitting feature is enabled … of a sliced file, Link to download the MARC file with the records for the sliced portion of the file. Configurable queue management and prioritization
  9. Action profiles

    and invoice lines) MARC Bibliographic in Source Record Storage MARC Holdings in Source Record Storage MARC Authority in Source Record Storage Associated Field … The purpose of the Action Profile is to define specific actions to take on import with the incoming records and/or existing records. Field Mappings associated
  10. Harvested Inventory Data

    Overview Verb Record source Harvested data marc21 Source record storage MARC bib record from SRS marc21 Inventory  MARC bib records generated based on the default instance mappings marc21 Source record storage and inventory If underlying SRS record is present then that record is harvested