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  1. FOLIO Product Council

    , Technical Council convener, ex-officio DebbieHH UC Boulder, Accessibility SIG convener, ex-officio ikuss hbz, Sys, Ops & management SIG convener, ex-officio andrealoigman Duke, Resource Access SIG convener, ex-officio tod Chicago, also Technical Council, ex-officio Martina Schildt GBV
    Product CouncilJul 02, 2020
  2. Security Home

    This is the FOLIO Security Team's wiki space. This group is charged with  overseeing the process related to identification and resolution of security vulnerabilities reported against FOLIO. The team works in close collaboration with the Technical Council and the development team
    SecurityMay 29, 2020
  3. The Codex Vision - TC Review

    NOTE this topic/document was discussed in early 2019 and the Tech Council's conclusion on it was documented here: 2019-03-06 Technical Council Meeting Notes General conclusion: There are too many open questions and concerns to agree that this document represents the direction we want to head. As written it doesn't
    Technical CouncilFeb 26, 2020
  4. Re: RTAC (RTAC | Holdings) performance improvement

    autonomous development process that cmcnallypresented to the Technical Council a couple of quarters ago. I am happy to be involved in API design or code reviews
  5. Getting Started for Developers

    If you would like more information related to how developer resources get assigned work, or how teams of developers can be integrated into the project, please contact mikegorrell who is the current chair of the Technical Council.   For more information on being productive as a developer in FOLIO, please review
    CommunityMay 22, 2020
  6. 2018-05-31 Metadata Management Meeting Notes

    will be contributing 2 developers (ERM) and 1/2 FTE Product Owner Proposal for new Technology Council. Technical Council will help Product Council prioritize developer … Council. The Community Engagement Group will be addressing issues concerning effective communication. How will the Technical Council members be decided
    Metadata ManagementMay 31, 2018
  7. Product Council Action Items

    or invite any other relevant individuals or groups on a regular bases, like with monthly the SIG Conveners updates and Technical Council updates? Zoom link … clarification? How to be involved? Recommendations from technical council to the PC and how does the technical council report to PC on open questions; decisions are made
    Product CouncilMay 27, 2020
  8. 2020-08-12 Meeting notes

    that the Technical Council might be interested in discussing? Discussion at TC: Discussed the origin of the message Marc posted. Some issues related to OAI-PMH
    Technical Councilyesterday at 4:59 PM
  9. Code Repository Management

    Problem Statement:  There are a few unmaintained or deprecated repos. Would like to regularly review and end of life those repos that are not longer maintained.  Also, would like to ensure that every repo has at least one reviewer and their approval before a PR can be merged. Interested Party: Technical Council
    Technical CouncilJul 31, 2018
  10. 2018-08-10 Meeting notes

    to Technical Council for better resourcing estimate kmarti Mike Gorell did a rough estimate of the work/time needed to implement workflows. He is now going to take it to the Technical Council for further discussion.  Comunda, an open source work engine, is being investigated. Hard-coded value lists
    Resource ManagementAug 10, 2018