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  1. Scripts for Inventory, Source Record Storage, and Data Import Cleanup

     The following scripts may be used for identifying and cleaning up records in FOLIO's Source Record Storage and Inventory. More technical details are available … source is anything other than FOLIO or MARC  If the Inventory Holdings source = MARC, check to see if there is a linked SRS MARC Holdings record If yes
  2. Search in Source Record Storage

    jenncolt (for this feature) abreaux (for SRS) Introduction The existing Source Record Storage (SRS) solution for FOLIO has a limited set of search … documents in the Source Record Storage. Since JSON is an open type, it allows us to work with loosely structured data types, an example of which is MARC. Using JSON
  3. mod-source-record-storage performance for standard requests on big database.

    1. For measuring srs(mod-source-record-storage) performance was created and deployed testing vagrant-box locally. It has specific resources: vb.cpus = 3 … -storage/source-records/{id}: source-storagesourcerecords.png Average time=61ms: source-storagesourcerecordsavg.png - /source-storage/source-records
    Folio Development TeamsNov 10, 2020
  4. Approach to update SRS MARC Records and corresponding inventory Instances Approach & Design SRS is short for mod-source-record-storage SRM or CM (Change Manager) can be used interchangeably and refer to mod-source-record-manager SRM exposes the following endpoints for quickMarc to retrieve the MARC record
    Folio Development TeamsJun 04, 2020
  5. Inventory and SRS - Data Structures

    , but MARC can be used in conjunction with SRS - source record storage - to manage instance and holding records. An important piece to understanding Inventory … for "Source Record Storage" and is FOLIO's term for supporting underlying data structures that can be used to control records in Inventory (as well
  6. MODDICORE-146 SPIKE: Instance & SRS record updates need to honor MARC field protections

    it is necessary to add an additional call to mod-source-record-storage module for retrieving an existing MARC record for the target instance. The mod-inventory … instance. mod-source-record-storage consumes "DI_INVENTORY_INSTANCE_UPDATED_READY_FOR_POST_PROCESSING" message to update incoming record fields in storage
    Folio Development TeamsMay 09, 2022
  7. Data Import MARC Authorities (Nolana)

    inventory.kafka.MarcBibInstanceHridSetConsumerVerticle.instancesNumber=10 kafka.consumer.max.poll.records=10 mod-inventory-storage 1024 CPU units, 1962MB mem mod-source-record-storage 1024 CPU units, 1440MB mem mod-source-record-manager 1024 CPU units, 3688MB mem mod-data-import 256 CPU units, 1844MB mem mod-data-import-cs  128 CPU units, 896MB mem
    Folio Development TeamsJan 03, 2023
  8. MARC bib: logic and rules in FOLIO

    mod-source-record-manager 999ff Bibliographic Update $s and $i with newly created SRS Record and Instance IDs Derive new MARC / Import MARCs mod-source … new MARC / Import MARCs mod-source-record-manager 003 Bibliographic Move field value with 001 to 035 and remove Derive new MARC / Import MARCs mod-source
    Folio Development TeamsJan 24, 2023
  9. Linking MARC bib fields to MARC authority headings/references

    record in SRS that will be updated, the source-record-storage should request mod-entities-links to get the fields that should be updated (linked_sub_fields … it should be done in SRS, mod-inventory-storage, mod-search and on UI of quick marc. Mod-entities-links The new module should be created for handling links between
    Folio Development TeamsOct 25, 2022
  10. Folijet - Performance of importing MARC BIB on Orchid Snapshot

    Modules: Data Import Module (mod-data-import:2.8.0-SNAPSHOT.258) Data Import Converter Storage (mod-di-converter-storage:2.1.0-SNAPSHOT.8) Source Record Manager Module (mod-source-record-manager:3.7.0-SNAPSHOT.759) Source Record Storage Module (mod-source-record-storage:5.7.0-SNAPSHOT.494) Inventory Module (mod
    Folio Development TeamsMar 26, 2023