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  1. Simple MARC Record Editor (quickMARC) *integration with SRS is planned by source-record-manager; API isn't ready yet  Folijet design for updating MARC records and related Instances … stephaniesbuck  - Connect SRS and SMRE for MARC Bibs (SMRE work) Requirements Simple MARC Records Editor (SMRE) must be able to access an existing
  2. Parking lot for the Holdings/MARC working group

    and MARC Holding, could Inv Holding update the Source Record Storage MARC Holding, instead of having to update the SRS MARC Holding via MARCcat or Data Import … Here the Holdings MARC mapping WG will gather misc. examples, use cases and ideas, which we need to circle back to at a later point: What if a library wants
    Metadata ManagementNov 19, 2018
  3. MM - Missing MARC21 Fields Report

    Description Parameters/Query MARC SRS ID (mod-source-record-storage/source-storage/records/{id} UUID for an MARC SRS record Display in report MARC SRS Title (mod-source-record-storage/parsedRecord/'245') From parsed record in JSON, retrieves the MARC21 245 field Display in report MARC SRS No 035 field
    Reporting SIGFeb 24, 2020
  4. Glossary

    underlying hierarchical association. SRS Source Record Storage. If an instance has an underlying MARC record, then this record is stored in SRS. The underlying … implemented) records. Instance records may be created within FOLIO or generated from records in source record storage (SRS). Item The Item record contains data
  5. 20181206DataImportMtgNotes.docx

    -data-import, mod-source-record-storage, mod-source-record-manager) Lots of Q4/Q1 feature cleanup in Jira and Q1 capacity planning happening this week Q4 2018 … – apologies] Update on to do’s [no change] Reconvene subgroups to look at MARC Bib and MARC Holdings mapping to Inventory versions (Charlotte) – IN PROCESS Review use
  6. Metadata Record Export Subgroup

    and authority records) from Inventory and SRS modules.  Acquisition and User data is outside the scope of this subgroup. Subgroup Members: Name Organization … Notes Submitted by Affiliation 1 Export MARC-XML jeustis: Could you clarify? After export, do you want to keep MARC bibs in FOLIO, or create the MARC
    Metadata Managementabout 5 hours ago
  7. Data Export

    The Data export app will export Bibliographic, Holdings, and Item data from SRS (source record storage) and Inventory Instance, Holdings, and Item records. If there is underlying source data (e.g., a MARC record), that will be exported. If there is no underlying source data, a simplified MARC record will be generated
  8. 20181025DataImportMtgNotes.docx

    ; no longer a blocker Standard MARC-Inventory mapping convo with Wayne/Charlotte Source record storage: architecture approved Overall data import architecture: revisions & clarifications underway Source record manager: architecture diagram in process Frontend: Landing page in process File extension settings: Taras had
  9. 20181205DataImportMtgNotes.docx

    released in advance of Q4 (ui-data-import, mod-data-import, mod-source-record-storage, mod-source-record-manager) Lots of Q4/Q1 feature cleanup in Jira and Q1 … vs combine and protecting fields Initial thoughts: Overlay: (e.g. if match to an SRS MARC and the encoding level is low, then overlay) replace all except
  10. 2020-03-09 - Data Migration Subgroup Agenda and Notes

    performance when retrieving MARC source records). TAMU Folio modules we run on our K8s cluster for data migration/workflow engine … . Jason pulls the business logics out of SRM and SRS and run their own modules and feed it into the message queue. They would like to see this been properly