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  1. Performance Task Force Team

    Olga Kondratenko DevOps Developer Team Calendar Performance Task Force … Java Developer DevOps Developer Team Calendar favourite favourite
    Folio Development Teamsyesterday at 5:54 PM
  2. 2021-02-15 Resource Access Meeting Notes

    Administrivia Jana Agne Notetaker: @Christine Tobias 30Min New Calendar Design cmalmbor kkester Present revision of new calendar … : New default view for calendar Now - Drop down for open date and closed date; these dates can be the same; fill in hours for each date. Option for closing time
    Resource AccessFeb 16, 2021
  3. Re: 2021-09-27 Meeting note

    Why does the calendar app need to be rewritten?
  4. Re: 2021-10-05 - Sys Ops & Management SIG

    This refers to a hypothetical example offered of expanding the scope of the circulation domain to include all domains it relies on (e.g. inventory, calendar, users, fees/fines, etc.)
  5. 2019-10-24 Resource Access Meeting Notes

    -in hollyolepm Viewing overdue fines at check-in Should the check-in page indicate if an item that was checked in is overdue? If so, how? 15min Calendar cmalmbor Review / demo of calendar interface 30min Calendar cmalmbor Determine if 1/2 hour increments are sufficient. Meeting Outcomes
    Resource AccessOct 28, 2019
  6. 2022-02-14 Resource Access Meeting Notes

    for the Calendar 50Min Q&A @all Meeting Notes 1. Question (by Marie): A question regarding the time in Circulation log. In Kiwi … renewal Long term solution: Batch editing group: batch editing circ data Time zone issues with the locations regarding calendar Service point level User
    Resource AccessFeb 14, 2022
  7. 2020-08-06 Resource Access Meeting Notes

    of a potential documentation site (slide deck) 15min Calendar behavior brookstravis behavior when a valid calendar is unavailable for a calculated due date … group apps y/n? Marcia will form a small gruop, get back to her if interested in participating Brooks on calendar behavior: If the calculated due date
    Resource AccessAug 06, 2020
  8. FOLIO_UsabilityReport_Acquisitions&eHoldings_June2021.pdf

    the calendar to select the dates and then saved it. Went to actions and edit, scrolled down and found Coverage Settings. Clicked on the calendar icon … the coverage date section and used dropdowns to select year and month, then calendar area for date. Remove the title below from the package “The American West
  9. Untitled Diagram

    IdUserProjectRole IdRole IdProject IdUser 0..n User IdUser IdCompany Name LastName Email UserName Password CreatedAt UpdatedAt Enabled Calendar IdCalendar
  10. FOLIO SC&A WG Progress Report 20180501.pdf

    to born-digital materials but really across all collections. i. A calendaring system (e.g. for restricted collections). j. Modules for recording long-term … is that there is enough interest to continue the WG’s work through the end of the calendar year. At the very least, it would be helpful to organize live