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  1. FOLIO SC&A WG Progress Report 20180501.pdf

    to born-digital materials but really across all collections. i. A calendaring system (e.g. for restricted collections). j. Modules for recording long-term … is that there is enough interest to continue the WG’s work through the end of the calendar year. At the very least, it would be helpful to organize live
  2. SIG Setup Checklist

    " in the toolbar, select Calendar, then Add New Calendar.  For the name of the calendar, use the full name of the SIG, leave the description blank, and the time zone set … before, then click "Save" and "Ok". On the Community Calendars page, select Add Existing Calendar from
    Product CouncilJul 19, 2017
  3. Re: 2018-05-24 Resource Access Meeting Notes

    Re: displaying times on day/week.month/fixed loans:  This was one of my annoyances with Alma.  The system assigned a due time to day/week/etc loans that was equal to the closing time of the "desk" the item was borrowed at (or maybe its home location, I don't recall). THEN! when you changed the calendar, perhaps
  4. meeting_saved_chat.txt

    in to demo/discuss their work on the calendar, maybe review the discussion around the UI-revamp so folks new to the discussion can be aware of what’s coming down
  5. Implementation Options for Summer 2020_ FOLIO@Duke.docx

    . Calendar. FOLIO must be able to support building open hours to properly calculate fines/fees and due dates. The calendar function in FOLIO is half-built and buggy … to be extra mindful of other impacts on libraries such as the academic calendar. For example, a number of Fuqua programs begin in early to mid-July
  6. 20190214AcqSmall GrpNotes.docx

    Stacks systems/processes to EBSCO ones (e.g. gmail calendars moving to Outlook) Developers John Horek and Arvind Andrion have also moved over These 3 Stacks staff
    Acquisitions SIG / … / Acquisitions SIG HomeFeb 25, 2019
  7. 2022-08-18 Reporting SIG Meeting notes

    alternating with RM Working Group Next meeting will be at 23th, Aug together with RM in one meeting Contact Stefan if you would like to get a calendar invitation … ; contact sbeltaine if you would like a calendar invitation Meeting Recordings are here: FOLIO ERM-RM Report Dev Teams
    Reporting SIGyesterday at 6:36 PM
  8. 2020-08-17 Resource Access Meeting Notes

    .  Notetaker - c.awenius 15Min Circ log ecboettcher circ log miscellaneous questions 15Min Calendar Behavior brookstravis Jana Agne … that the display would be more manageable, but doesn't affect the search 2. Brooks on Calendar UI issues when displaying calendars for a certain service point
    Resource AccessAug 19, 2020
  9. meeting_saved_closed_caption_2021_11_18.txt

    to tell you is that coming I asked for more testing off the calendar. 17:48:44 I think the smoke tests, go really well and, as I looked, there were not many cases … things that so thanks to test as well so that's also good if you pick them up. 17:50:19 But Kalid asked to give the calendar, test the shout outs on the calendar
  10. graph-color.pdf

    -2.1.0mod-codex-inventory-1.4.0 mod-codex-ekb-1.1.0 mod-circulation-storage-6.2.0mod-calendar-1.2.0 mod-audit-filter-0.0.3 mod-audit-0.0.3mod-agreements