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  1. 未来以来 拥抱一个全新的开放平台时代.pdf

    和张磊的《 FOLIO 的技术选型与运 营模式研究》结合微服务技术介绍了 FOLIO 平 台技术选型的原因,讨论了 FOLIO 的社区组织 和商业模式之间的关系,对 FOLIO 在国内的落 地提供了相关方案和思考。 许磊和夏翠娟的《第三代图书馆服务平台 的元数据管理———以 FOLIO 的 Codex 方案为 例》着重研究了 FOLIO 独具特色的底层数据管 理架构 Codex,认为 Codex 作为 FOLIO 中核心的 元数据管理域,被设计成 FOLIO 的资源链接中 心、规范数据中心和跨域的全媒体资源管理入 口,能够通过模型中的抽象实体揭示资源间的 关系,其源自于 BIBFRAME 的抽象数据模型、最 小化的元数据方案、统一的
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  2. Re: The Codex Vision - TC Review

    I was leaning towards the Codex and then after today's metadata management meeting am leaning towards inventory with no codex. However, I'm still asking questions about use cases and Folio working from the ground up. One place where Inventory and Codex might not be identical is discovery. And some of my thoughts
  3. Re: The Codex Vision - TC Review

    > I'd also like to point out that the Inventory data model as it stands now is identical to what was originally proposed as the Codex data model The Inventory data model is not identical to what was proposed for Codex. It was based-on the Codex model but then many more fields and structures were added - as would
  4. Re: The Codex Vision - TC Review

    "Codex is a normalization and virtualization layer that allows Folio to integrate metadata about various resources regardless of format, encoding, or storage location." Point of clarification: the Codex is only virtual if it is recreated on the fly at each use, i.e., the Codex doesn't exist in any semi-permanent
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    if communication with a future app can't be predicted? Would it be easier to just write one communication standard which is the codex? In many ways, I'd like to hear what the developers and sys op people think about this. Could it be that the codex turns more into a back end search and communication mechanism and we as users work
  6. graph-color.pdf

    -storage-5.1.0 mod-gobi-1.0.1 mod-event-config-1.0.0mod-erm-usage-harvester-1.0.0 mod-erm-usage-1.0.0 mod-data-import-1.0.0 mod-codex-mux-2.3.0 mod-codex-mock-2.1.0mod-codex-inventory-1.4.0 mod-codex-ekb-1.1.0 mod-circulation-storage-6.2.0mod-calendar-1.2.0 mod-audit-filter-0.0.3 mod-audit-0.0.3mod-agreements
  7. Re: The Codex Vision - TC Review

    If I'm understanding correctly, in this role Codex would be working behind the scenes, relaying information? So that, for instance, Inventory and Orders would both share information with Codex, and Codex might share information gathered from Orders with Inventory – rather than Inventory and Orders sharing information
  8. 开创性的下一代图书馆服务平台解决方案-FOLIO.pdf

    理、知识库管理、 面向服务架构、开放 API、云端技术和多租户平台、涵盖现有多种产品的功能,同时列举了国内外主要应用现状。 在此基础上分析了 FOLIO 技术架构和生态环境等方面的优势,包括:支持图书馆差异化需求的微服务架构,适用 于大规模应用的 Vert. x 高性能异步网络库,可以集成各种资源元数据的 Codex … network library can support large-scale applications. Codex a standardization and virtualization layer integrates metadata about
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  9. Re: The Codex Vision - TC Review

    that an electronic KB is useless? There are already more than 2 resource data models in Folio: MARCcat inventory; KB; orders; codex. Each has their own specialized … (what I'm calling domains here). The very notion of Codex is to avoid the problem of the every growing universal data model. A data model that would become
  10. Re: The Codex Vision - TC Review

    to present fairly limited bibliographic metadata (but exquisitely precisely honed holdings information).  The very notion of Codex is to avoid the problem … number of elements irrelevant to any one of the domains. This is the justification that I have presented in the past where Codex seeks the intersection