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  1. Re: The Codex Vision - TC Review

    It should be noted that even if there is permanent storage of Codex records, those records are not the source of truth – they augment rather than replace the source records and are always derivatives of the records from the Codex sources.  That there is permanent storage allows for the establishment of persistent
  2. 2019-01-10 Metadata Management Meeting notes

    Group - Agreements Q4 demo and 2018 recap: meeting recording Codex vbar Vince Bareau will join us to talk about the Codex
    Metadata ManagementJan 16, 2019
  3. Re: The Codex Vision - TC Review

    if communication with a future app can't be predicted? Would it be easier to just write one communication standard which is the codex? In many ways, I'd like to hear what the developers and sys op people think about this. Could it be that the codex turns more into a back end search and communication mechanism and we as users work
  4. Inventory Metadata Elements (beta) - draft

    Status UI Proposed Mapping from MARC Comments Instance ID System-assigned, non-repeatable, read-only, maps to instance-id in Codex ✓ N/A Using … -only, maps to instance-source in Codex ✓ N/A   Resource title Text, non-repeatable, maps to instance-title in Codex ✓ 245 $a,b,c,f,g,h,k,n,p,s
    FOLIO PlatformApr 30, 2018
  5. 20200206AcqSmallGrpNotes.docx

    648 867 Find your local number:  HYPERLINK "" Agenda Voucher Review Codex Search Voucher … .” Dennis wants to confirm this process. Next Week: Voucher Review Codex Search 2020-notes
  6. Inventory Metadata Elements (alpha)

    to instance-id in Codex N/A   Metadata Source System-assigned, non-repeatable, read-only, maps to instance-source in Codex N/A   Resource Title Text, non-repeatable, maps to instance-title in Codex 245 $a,b,c,f,g,h,k,n,p,s Differentiate between title statement and uniform title in UI display Alternative
    FOLIO PlatformApr 30, 2018
  7. 2018-02-01 Metadata Management Meeting Notes

    on RM and Codex Session at the Madrid developers meeting - which include the session about Authority Control Data, and the Inventory/Cataloguing module - Madrid … in general plus Item Status Tuesday: CODEX 1: Inventory and Codex review and next steps Wednesday: RM 5: Determine where & which data loading occurs for FOLIO
    Metadata ManagementFeb 07, 2018
  8. 2020-07-01 Forum Facilitators Meeting notes

    with a session about where we are on the project.  What we've discussed with Resource Sharing, for instance.  Codex in order to put pressure on ourselves to make some decisions around Inventory and Codex Review Idea Bank
    Forum FacilitatorsJul 01, 2020
  9. Re: The Codex Vision - TC Review

    input front and center. Instead of being in a standalone "Codex Search" app, searching across diverse types of records becomes the primary way to navigate around FOLIO. That type of power is a huge part of the reason for something like the Codex layer to exist. This is the level of simplicity FOLIO's users experience
  10. Re: The Codex Vision - TC Review

    And this is one of my biggest gripes with the data model currently used by the Codex search app. It's a uselessly small set of fields, and it is not aligned … believe that FOLIO benefits in any way from having two different models in play. The two models (inventory and codex) should never have been split, and as far as I'm