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  1. 2020-07-01 Forum Facilitators Meeting notes

    with a session about where we are on the project.  What we've discussed with Resource Sharing, for instance.  Codex in order to put pressure on ourselves to make some decisions around Inventory and Codex Review Idea Bank
    Forum FacilitatorsJul 01, 2020
  2. 20190416AcqSmallGrpNotes.docx

    , and Codex (since not all titles will in any one place) Maybe FOLIO dup check could only check Codex in the future (if Codex knows about everything in all
  3. 2017-07-20 Metadata Management Meeting Notes : 2 hour meeting 12:00-14:00 EDT

    for volunteers to be part of the group and also for a convener.   Introducing the Codex Data Model "strawman" describe the process for arriving … if the proposed model can be used to satisfy them  adjust the data model as needed vbar Vince showed reviewed the elements of the Codex Metadata Model
    Metadata ManagementJul 24, 2017
  4. 2019-02-28 Metadata Management Meeting notes

    , an Instance record, with Holdings & Item record(s) are created in Inventory. Codex Vision Document lauraw The Codex Vision - TC Review Laura has copied the CODEX vision document into a Google doc this will be submitted
    Metadata ManagementMar 13, 2019
  5. Resource Management Data Domains

    suitability to supporting Linked Data focused-conceptual-domain v5.png Domains Folio Codex Domain The Codex domain is the abstraction layer which is always stored … metadata associated with either a monograph or a serial publication. This is rich metadata which is linked to from the Folio Codex domain instance object
    FOLIO PlatformApr 14, 2017
  6. 2017-08-31 Resource Access Meeting Notes

    karen.newbery abreaux wweare cmalmbor Canney Joanne (Cornell) rbarnes Jon Miller elong Goals Gain an understanding of the Codex.   Link to: Codex Metadata Model Discussion items Time Item Who Notes 5 min Housekeeping Andrea hollyolepm is notetaker. 55 min FOLIO Codex Vince Bareau
    Resource AccessSep 01, 2017
  7. 开创性的下一代图书馆服务平台解决方案-FOLIO.pdf

    理、知识库管理、 面向服务架构、开放 API、云端技术和多租户平台、涵盖现有多种产品的功能,同时列举了国内外主要应用现状。 在此基础上分析了 FOLIO 技术架构和生态环境等方面的优势,包括:支持图书馆差异化需求的微服务架构,适用 于大规模应用的 Vert. x 高性能异步网络库,可以集成各种资源元数据的 Codex … network library can support large-scale applications. Codex a standardization and virtualization layer integrates metadata about
    中国 SIG / … / 相关论文及资料Jul 06, 2020
  8. Re: The Codex Vision - TC Review

    This is super helpful Sebastian both for this and above. After reading that I'm still left with the question of Why Codex? Some part of me thinks this is a good idea perhaps because it's better to have it now and then see what we can do with it later. Another part is still questioning what we can do with it.
  9. 2019-01-17 Metadata Management Meeting notes

    & do we need to meet? (or can we finish work without meeting?) Instance/MARC: and Holdings/MARC: and Codex Discussion Debrief A lot … , including any parallels between Codex and Reporting. Are there any specific concerns or additional questions we have? Laura would also like to propose at least
    Metadata ManagementJan 21, 2019
  10. 2019-02-6 Technical Council Meeting Notes

    items Time Item Who Notes 90 minutes Codex vbar Vince presented his thoughts on what the Codex is and what it could become, including several … meeting on the Codex. The goal is to document the TC recommended view and future of Codex.         Action items 1 incomplete Type your task here
    Technical CouncilFeb 11, 2019