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Discussion items

15 MinWOLFcon Agenda
  • Review latest schedule/meetings 
  • Dev Communications best practices - Zak and Jakub to coordinate to host this meeting
  • Architectural Blueprint - facilitate discussion on specific topics - Vince to take lead in hosting this meeting
  • Tech Debt - What is the latest status and most critical items that need some decision by PC? Mike to take the lead in prepping for this session
  • Open Forum - Tech Governance - TBD who facilitates this meeting.
 15 MinSecurity Audit 

DID NOT GET TO ADDRESS THIS ITEM - will send via channel.

  •  Review plan for security audit and discuss suggestion raised by a core team developer - perhaps it would be the best to identify the most security related parts of the existing code (e.g. Okapi or RAML Module Builder) first and to initiate a manual security related review by the team. The idea behind is to get the most of the external security audit afterwards and to avoid that the audit reports facts that are already known
30 investigation/results
  • Present findings - preliminary results from running tests (capacity and performance) using framework? We ran checkin and checkout tests and had some interesting (unexpected) discoveries, which would be interesting to share. More testing will occur and a writeup should be complete by the new year.
  • Martin's presentation is attached.