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The Open Library Environment is an organization of member libraries dedicated to developing open source, extensible and service-driven library management tools.  Formed Formed in 2008, it operated as part of the Kuali Foundation to build Kuali OLE, an open source library management system that is currently being used by three of the member libraries.  It It also sponsored the development of the Global Open Knowledgebase (GOKb), currently on hiatus.   In   In 2016 it separated from the Kuali Foundation to join the Open Library Foundation. Libraries that see an open source library services platform as central to their strategic objectives are encouraged to explore membership in the organization.


The Open Library Foundation was formed in 2016 as a collaboration between the Open Library Environment, EBSCO Information Services, and Index Data to assist and facilitate educational organizations, foundations, partnerships and commercial entities in collaborating to foster, develop and sustain open technologies and innovation to support libraries, learning, research and teaching.   The   The three entities are partners in developing FOLIO, a new open source library services platform.  The The Foundation exists as a legal entity to formalize the arrangement between the three member entities.  Libraries interested in engaging with the FOLIO development are encouraged to contact the Open Library Environment.


FOLIO stands for The Future of Libraries is Open and is the name of the open source library services platform (LSP)  being developed by the Open Library Foundation partners.  It It is also the name of the community that has formed around the FOLIO LSP development.  TheThe FOLIO Community includes many people and organizations in additional to the three Open Library Foundation partners that are contributing code, ideas, and guidance to FOLIO development.